HC Deb 19 February 1951 vol 484 cc135-6W

Chairman: Alderman H. Hodkinson.

Members: Representing agriculture: Mr. N. R. Bargh (one name outstanding). Representing industry and commerce: Mr. H. W. Smail, Mr. F. Abbotts, Mr. W. H. Greenall, Mr. W. D. Broadbent, M.Inst.T., Mr T. J. Sales, Mr. L. Highton, J.P. Representing shipping: (name outstanding). Representing labour: Miss L. Hodson (one name outstanding). Representing local authorities: Alderman R. H. Jackson, J.P., Councillor J. D. Doyle, J.P., Councillor K. L. Alban, Alderman T. Maxfield (one name outstanding). Representing the British Transport Commission: Mr. H. P. Aggleton, Mr. W. E. Macve. Additional Members: Alderman E. Porter, J.P., Mrs. E. Gowling.