HC Deb 19 February 1951 vol 484 c129W
Sir W. Smithers

asked the Minister of Food what was the cost to the taxpayer in 1949–50 of the 13 per cent. of the milk production supplied to beneficiaries under the welfare foods and milk-in-schools schemes.

Commodity Home-Produced Supplies Imported Supplies Remarks
Wheat £28.00 per ton ex farm £28.46 per ton c.i.f. Home-grown wheat is not normally purchased by the Ministry. Home-produced price is based on the average price for the crop year July, 1950-June, 1951.
Barley £22.00 per ton ex farm £21.55 per ton c.i.f. Home.grown barley for human consumption is not purchased by the Ministry and there is no maximum price.
Sugar £35.75 per ton ex factory £37.94 per ton c.i.f. The home.produced figure is based on the price payable for raw sugar of the 1950.51 campaign (September, 1950.February, 1951). This price is fixed by reference to the average cost of imports for a full year (less Empire preference, plus the difference between the Excise duty on home.produced and the Customs duty on imported sugar).
Beef £147.00 per ton ex slaughterhouse Frozen fore and hindquarters:—
£97.31 per ton c.i.f. Boned and boneless:—
£102.58 per ton c.i.f.
Mutton £191.00per ton ex slaughterhouse £70.65 per ton c.i.f.
Lamb £124.21 per ton c.i.f.
Pork £209.00 per ton ex slaughterhouse £169.55 per ton c.i.f.
Bacon £321.50 per ton ex factory £224.50 per ton c.i.f.
Shell Eggs £6.58 per box of 360 ex packing station £3.85 per box of 360 c.i.f.
Note: The prices for imported supplies are based on the figures published in the Trade and Navigation Accounts for the year ended 31st December, 1950.