HC Deb 25 May 1950 vol 475 cc290-2W
131. Mr. Russell

asked the Minister of Food if he will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a list showing the amounts of the different items of foodstuffs imported from Czechoslovakia under the terms of the Trade Agreement of 28th September, 1949, up to 30th April, 1950.

Mr. Maurice Webb


Following is the table:

Commodity Unit of Quantity October, 1949–April, 1950
Peas, dried—whole—green Cwts. 98
Meat, N.E.S. tinned, canned, etc., of all descriptions (other than beef, veal, mutton, lamb and pork, rabbits, poultry and game). Cwts. 2,117
Poultry and meat pastes, poultry liver (except raw liver) whether mixed or not; sausages, tinned, canned, etc., and meat pies. Cwts. 790
Fruit, fresh or raw—Bilberries Cwts. 3,261
Fruit, fresh or raw—Pears Cwts. 3,091
Vegetables, fresh—Onions Cwts. 12,009
Beer, other than mum, spruce, etc. Bulk barrel 262
Cocoa preparations, including confectionery and moulded chocolate-not containing spirit—unsweetened. Cwts. 3,298
Chocolate—not containing spirit—sweetened Cwts 25,553
Chocolate—containing spirit—sweetened Cwts. 2,714
Fruit juice, unfermented, not containing added spirit—sweetened, other than citrus fruit juice. proof gallons 4,491
Brandy—imported in bottles proof gallons
Unenumerated spirits proof gallons
Unenumerated spirits, unsweetened proof gallons 5
Liqueurs, cordials, etc., containing spirits not sweetened, entered in such a manner as to indicate that the strength is not to be tested. liquid gallons 3
Table waters, unsweetened gallons 108
Table waters, prepared with sugar or other sweetening matter gallons 147
Wine imported in bottles—still gallons
Wine imported in bottles—sparkling—Champagne gallons
Biscuits, for human consumption—sweetened Cwts. 6,602
Bladders, casings and sausage skins—hog casings Cwts. 332
Fruit preserved by chemicals or artificial heat or artificial cold—fruit pulp. Cwts. 122
Fruit dried, including apple pommace, apricots, currants, figs, fig cake, pineapples, plums, etc., prunes, raisins. Cwts. 39
Cherries, crystallised or glace Cwts. 818
Crystallised fruit (including flowers and angelica) other than cherries, figs and plums. Cwts. 157
Candied or drained peels Cwts. 51
Apples tinned or bottled in syrup Cwts 144
Cherries tinned or bottled in syrup Cwts. 204
Currants tinned or bottled Cwts. 512
Pears, bottled in syrup Cwts. 32
Plums, including greengages, damsons and mirabelles, tinned in syrup Cwts. 6,994
Plums, etc., bottled in syrup Cwts. 177
Fruit salad, tinned in syrup containing not less than 80 per cent. by weight of peaches, nectarines, pears, apricots and cherries. Cwts. 154
Fruit tinned in syrup, other than fruit salad, apples, apricots, cherries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapefruit, loganberries, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, etc. Cwts. 5,050
Hops Cwts. 321
Fat, sweetened Cwts. 12,320
Pickles and vegetables preserved in vinegar gallons 371
Pickles and sauces, condiments sweetened other than chutney, sauce, salad cream. Cwts. 434
Spices, other than cinnamon or cassia, ginger, mustard seed, nutmeg, pepper, pimento and vanilla. Cwts. 96
Vegetables dried, not canned, other than onions, kibbled, etc. Cwts. 2
Vegetables preserved in salt or brine—gherkins Cwts. 9
Vegetable preserved in salt other than gherkins, cauliflowers, olives, silverskins onions. Cwts. 25
Confectionery, sugar, containing spirit Cwts. 59
Confectionery, sugar, not containing spirit Cwts. 13,901
Canned vegetables—sweetened—other than beans Cwts. 663
Canned vegetables—not sweetened—peas Cwts. 1,038
Canned vegetables—not sweetened—tomatoes, puree or paste Cwts. 3,071
Canned vegetables—not sweetened, other than asparagus, beans, maize, onions, peas, tomatoes. Cwts. 1,047
Preparations and provisions for use as food N.E.S. sweetened Cwts. 5,007
Preparations and provisions for use as food N.E.S. not sweetened Cwts. 9
Seeds for crushing—linseed tons 685
Essential oils lbs. 240

Source—Customs and Excise Machine Tabulation Analysis.