HC Deb 10 May 1950 vol 475 cc56-7W
Mr. Hurd

asked the Minister of Food what were the average prices paid during the past six months or other convenient

Commodity Home-produced supplies Imported supplies Remarks
Beef £145 per ton ex slaughterhouse. Frozen fore and hindquarters—
£100.90 per ton c.i.f. Boned and boneless—
£100.30 per ton c.i.f.
Lamb and Mutton £226 per ton ex slaughterhouse. £107.50 per ton c.i.f.
Bacon £289 per ton ex factory £235.30 per ton c.i.f.
Shell Eggs £7.417 per box of 360 ex packing station. £4.07 per box of 360 c.i.f.
Cheese £103 per ton ex factory (excluding milk subsidy). £175.38 per ton c.i.f. (including private imports) The price of milk sold for home cheese-making is below its cost to the Ministry. The difference over a full year is equivalent to £242.2 per ton of cheese. Part of this difference (estimated at £77.5 per ton) may be regarded as a subsidy on cheese, the balance falling into the subsidy on liquid milk.
Wheat £23.62 per ton ex farm £28.20 per ton c.i.f. Home-grown wheat is not normally bought by the Ministry. Price excludes acreage payment estimated to cost £1.075 per ton. There will be no wheat acreage payment in 1950–51 but farmers will receive £28 per ton.
Barley £23.72 per ton ex farm £20.23 per ton c.i.f.
Oats £19.48 per ton ex farm £17.56 per ton c.i.f.
Linseed £59 per ton ex farm £54.22 per ton c.i.f.
Sugar £33.86 per ton ex factory £32.83 per ton c.i.f. The price of home-produced raw sugar is fixed by reference to the average cost of imports for a full year (less Empire preference, plus the difference between the Excise duty on home-produced and the Customs duty on imported sugar).
NOTE: —The prices for imported supplies are based on the figures published in the Trade and Navigation Accounts for the period October, 1949–March, 1950.