HC Deb 27 April 1950 vol 474 cc125-6W
83. Mr. G. Thomas

asked the Minister of Health the number of persons in Cardiff who are over 55 years of age and have been certified during the past 12 months as suffering from tuberculosis; and how many of these have been admitted to hospital.

Mr. Bevan

Thirty-six have been notified of whom nine have been admitted to hospital. In addition one was a hospital patient, two have refused admission, 13 have not been recommended for admission and seven have not been referred to the local chest physician. Only four remain on the waiting list.

98. Mr. Hopkinson

asked the Minister of Health whether his attention has been drawn to the increase in the number of cases of tuberculosis and the swing of incidence from persons aged 15 to 25 to those aged 45 to 75; and what action he proposes to take to accommodate chronic cases of persons in the latter age group who are at present often compelled to live in their own homes surrounded by children.

Mr. Bevan

Notifications have increased through the use of mass-radiography and other improved methods, but this does not necessarily imply an increased incidence. Every effort is being made to recruit staff for more beds.

99. Mr. Hopkinson

asked the Minister of Health whether in view of the lack of accommodation in tuberculosis sanatoria due to the shortage, of nursing staff, he will undertake a special propaganda campaign to show that such sanatoria are less dangerous to the health of the nursing staff than ordinary hospitals.

Mr. Bevan

I see no particular advantage in concentrating on this one aspect; but, with my advisory committees, I have the whole wider question under review.

125. Mr. Marples

asked the Minister of Health, whether he will investigate and report on the method of treating tuberculosis known as cavernostomy practised in Switzerland, of which details have been sent to him; and if he will render all possible assistance to surgeons and physicians who desire to make a personal investigation on the spot into this new method of treatment.

Mr. Bevan

I cannot trace the information to which the hon. Member refers, but I am quite prepared to consider it.