HC Deb 21 July 1949 vol 467 c75W
Mr. Palmer

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will now make arrangements for the payment of Part II, War Damage Claims, to those limited companies whose final liquidation is held up pending the settlement of war damage claims, with consequent hardship and inconvenience to shareholders.

Mr. H. Wilson

As I have already informed my hon. Friend, I am prepared to

Item Price at 1st November, 1922 Item Price at 14th June,* 1949
s. d. s. d.
Bread 4 lb. Bread 4 1b. 10¼
Flour (plain) 7 lb 1 Flour (plain) 7 lb. 1
Sugar (white granulated) lb. Sugar (white granulated) lb. 5
Milk, fresh† pint Milk, fresh† pint 5
Butter, fresh lb. 2 Butter lb. 1 6
Butter, salt lb. 2 1
Cheese lb. 1 Cheese lb. 1 2
Margarine lb. Margarine lb. 10
Eggs (fresh) each Eggs (fresh) each
Potatoes 7 1b. 5 Potatoes 7 lb. 11½
Bacon (mainly thick streaky) lb. 1 Bacon (mainly thick streaky) lb. 2 0
Beef, Home-killed:— Beef, Home-killed (first quality):
Fore ribs (with bone) lb. 1 6 First 4 ribs of forequarter (with bone). lb. 1 8
Thin flank (with bone) lb. 10¾ Thin flank (with bone) lb. 1 0
Beef, Imported:— Beef, Imported:—
Fore ribs (with bone) lb. 10¼ First 4 ribs of forequarter (with bone). lb. 1 4
Thin flank (with bone) lb. 6 Thin flank (with bone) lb. 9
Mutton, Home-killed:— Mutton, Home-killed (first quality):
Leg lb. 1 8 Leg lb. 2 0
Breast lb. 11½ Breast lb. 1 0
Mutton, Imported:— Mutton, Imported:—
Leg lb. 1 Leg lb. 1 5
Breast lb. Breast lb. 8
* The latest date for which returns of retail prices have been collected is 14th June 1949.
† The prices quoted were the ordinary retail prices and include no allowance for milk supplied free or at reduced prices.