HC Deb 16 December 1949 vol 470 cc342-3W

Topographical Survey

An aerial survey of priority areas was started in the autumn. Owing to adverse weather conditions this was only partially successful but I hope that it will be possible to complete this important work in this Colony and in British Honduras next summer.

Agricultural Development of the Interior

An officer has been engaged to take charge of the agricultural station in the Potaro area and will very shortly leave for the Colony.

In March a preliminary soil survey of the interior of the Colony with particular reference to the cocoa development was carried out by a scientist from the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture. As a result a detailed plan for an intensive reconnaissance soil survey was made and this is now being considered by the Governor. My aim is to engage a soil scientist to carry out this vital work early next year.


Two American experts have investigated the possibility of expanding production and their report is under consideration.


Trials, including a local soil survey, are being conducted by the Department of Agriculture and the economic possibilities of developing this industry are being studied.


The Colonial Development Corporation sent out a mission to confirm and elaborate the Commission's proposals for the Bartica Triangle and negotiations with the British Guiana Government on the methods of working are in train.


An engineering survey of the first 25 miles of a road south from Bartica is being undertaken with the immediate object of keeping pace with possible developments in the Bartica Triangle referred to above. It would of course eventually be the first section of the main road axis into the Potaro area and the Rupununi Savannah country.

The Essequibo Bar has been surveyed as recommended and the Engineers' Report is now being examined.