HC Deb 17 November 1948 vol 458 cc35-6W
Mr. Ellis Smith

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1) why 13 guards were required for 12 internees on the work carried out for Grube, shipbuilders, Rerchwerder, on the banks of the Elbe; how much were the men paid for the work; and what amount did the firm pay for the total work carried out;

(2) on what date was work started on the sewage plant adjoining 6, C.I.C. Camp, Hamburg, Germany; what hours were worked on the site, including internee labour; what was the total cost of the sewage plant, including guards and other costs; and what was the total, number in the camp for which the plant was intended when work ceased;

(3) how many have committed suicide in the 6, C.I.C. Camp, Hamburg, Germany, since it was opened; how many have attempted suicide; how many have died; what were the numbers in the camp when the deaths took place; how many trucks were hired from Hamburg for work carried out by internees of the camp; on what date were the trucks used obtained on loan from Bergedorf; what was the difference in miles; and what amount of petrol could have been saved if the trucks had been obtained from Bergedorf all the time they were used.

Mr. Mayhew

I regret that as No. 6 Civilian Internment Camp, to which all these Questions relate, was closed on 1st September, 1948, and the camp staff and records have been dispersed, most of the information which my hon. Friend has requested is not available. Between April, 1946, when the camp was taken over from B.A.O.R., and 1st September, 1948, there were nine suicides, one attempted suicide and 30 natural deaths. During this period the total population of the camp decreased from approximately 6,000 to approximately 400.

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