HC Deb 15 December 1948 vol 459 cc143-4W
Mr. York

asked the Minister of Food (1) from what countries imports of bacon are expected in the coming 12 months; and in what quantities;

(2) to state the countries with which we have signed contracts for the supply of bacon, giving dates and terms of deliveries; the quantities; and the months the contracts cover.

Mr. Strachey

The position in regard to supplies of bacon from the various overseas countries is as follows:


A provisional agreement was concluded on 7th December, 1948, covering about 71,000 tons of 1949 production, deliveries to be spread as evenly as reasonably possible over the year. A formal contract has not yet been signed. Part of this, estimated at approximately 6,000 tons, may not arrive until January, 1950. On the other hand, part of the 1948 production estimated at 4,000 tons is not expected until January, 1949.


Provisional agreement was reached in September, 1948, for the purchase of 90 per cent. of the exportable surplus between 1st October, 1948, and 30th September, 1949, and for the same percentage during each of the ensuing three years. A formal contract has not yet been signed. Deliveries in 1949 are estimated at about 70,000 tons.


Negotiations are in progress for supplies during the period commencing February-March, 1949. If they materialise in the manner contemplated, 17,000 tons will be delivered in 1949. The current agreement dated 25th February 1948, provides for the delivery of 13,000 tons by 28th February, 1949, of which 4,000 tons are expected during 1949.


Negotiations for supplies after 31st December, 1948, will commence in January, 1949. The current agreement dated 3rd June, 1948, provides for the delivery of 5,000 tons by 31st December, 1948, and it is expected that the whole of this quantity will be delivered by the due date.


An agreement made on 11th June, 1948, provides for the delivery of 2,000 tons between 1st August, 1948, and 30th April, 1949. We expect to receive about 1,100 tons between January and April, 1949.

In those cases in which agreements do not cover the whole of 1949 it is not at present possible to estimate what quantities may be received during the whole of that year.

It must be emphasised that the foregoing figures are only estimates based on the best information at present available.