HC Deb 01 December 1948 vol 458 cc191-2W
Sir J. Mellor

asked the Minister of Supply if he will explain the need for S.L, 1948, No. 2492, which is not apparent from the explanatory note.

Mr. J. Freeman

The Electric Lighting Acts of 1882 and 1889 empowered various electricity supply companies to refuse to supply electricity to premises using certain kinds of motors. The Control of Machine Tools (Electrical Equipment) (No. 1) Order, 1941, prohibited the supply companies from refusing to supply electricity in such circumstances. S.I. 1948, No. 2492 was issued to revoke this order. I take this opportunity of apologis-

Botanical Name Popular Name
Berberis Atrocarpa Barberry
Berberis Darwini Barberry
Berberis Gagnepaini Barberry
Berberis Sanguinea Barberry
Berberis Verruculosa Barberry
Berberis Thunbergi atro purpurea Barberry
Berberis Stenophylla Barberry
Cotoneaster Simonsi Rockspray
Crataegus Oxyacantha Hawthorn
Fagus Sylvatica Beech
Forsythia Golden Bell Tree
Ilex Aquifolium Holly
Lonicera Yunnanensis Chinese Honeysuckle
Philadelphus Mock Orange
Pyracantha Augustifolia Evergreen Thorn
Pyracantha Gibbsi Evergreen Thorn
Pyracantha Rogersiana Evergreen Thorn
Pyracantha Yunnanensis Evergreen Thorn
Rosa Canina Dog Rose
Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary
Taxus Yew
Veronica Traversi Travers' Speedwell

ing to the House for an error in S.I. 1948, No. 2492 which has been rectified by S.I. 1948, No. 2568. The effect is to restore to the undertakings (now absorbed by the British Electricity Authority) the power to refuse to supply electricity to premises using motors of the kinds specified. There will be no adverse effect on industry, as agreement has been reached by the parties concerned on a code of practice for starting A.C. Motors which has been published by the British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers' Association.