HC Deb 28 April 1948 vol 450 cc58-9W
Sir E. Graham-Little

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether he is aware that medical practitioners filling important offices as chairmen of hospital boards and in other hospital services, find, as exemplified in a case submitted to him, that the allowances now allotted to them do not permit use of their cars for any other purpose than the services mentioned, and as they are thus deprived of the opportunity now conceded to use basic petrol for other than professional duties, if he will rectify this position.

Mr. Gaitskell

Under the new system which comes into operation on 1st June every motorist will be entitled to a standard allowance sufficient for about go miles motoring per month. This allowance may be used for any purpose. For reasons which were fully explained in my reply to the hon. Member for Louth (Mr. Osborne) in the Adjournment Debate on 20th April this standard allowance will not be additional to the existing supplementary allowances, but will be deducted from all supplementary allowances as they are issued.

Mr. W. Fletcher

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether under the new petrol rationing scheme a motor bicycle equipped with sidecar, is to receive the same petrol allocation as a solo machine, although the addition of a sidecar considerably reduces the mileage which is done per gallon.

Mr. Gaitskell

For the purpose of the standard ration, as with the previous basic ration, vehicles have to be graded according to their capacity, and no account can be taken of sidecars, which may be attached or removed at will. Motor cycles are divided into two groups, those up to 250 c.c., which will receive a standard ration of nine gallons for six months, and those over 250 c.c., which will receive 13 gallons. Motor cycles with sidecars will normally fall into the latter group, and will therefore receive the higher allowance. In assessing supplementary allowances regional petroleum officers have authority to take into account the need for the use of a sidecar, where this can be shown, and to increase the coupon issue accordingly.