HC Deb 28 April 1948 vol 450 cc50-1W
76. Air-Commodore Harvey

asked the Secretary of State for Air if he will tabulate the diet of Royal Air Force aircrews in calories and weight.

Mr. A. Henderson

I will circulate it the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement showing the total value, in calories, of the daily diet of R.A.F. aircrews. Particulars or their diet, by weight, are shown in a number of detailed tables, which I am

Rations in terms of calories. HOME. OVERSEAS. PALESTINE
From 1st February, 1948. From 15th May, 1948. From 1st May, 1948. From 1st August, 1948.
Daily Basic Ration Scale 2,227 2,231 3,392 3,395 3,420
Estimated Calorie Intake from other than fixed or nationally controlled items (e.g., fish, vegetables) 680 680
Supplementary Ration 434 434 604 604 604
TOTAL 3,341 3,345 3,996 3,999 4,024
Notes: 1. In addition to the above, aircrews when engaged on long flights receive "energy foods" such as barley sugar, chocolate and raisins. These are provided from a cash allowance on the following basis:
Duration of Flight. Cash Allowance Caloric Value.
4–8 hours. 1s. per man. 600
8–15 1s. 6d. per man. 900
2. The slight increase in calorie value from 15th May at home and 1st August overseas arises from increases in sugar, fats and bread to compensate for reductions in meat, bacon and cheese.