HC Deb 03 November 1947 vol 443 cc142-4W
Mr. Henderson Stewart

asked the Minister of Food if he will describe in detail the changes that have taken place between July, 1945, and October, 1947, in the rations of the principal foods permitted to people in this country.

Mr. Strachey

The particulars asked for are given below:

Changes in Rations between 1st July. 1945, and 25th October, 1947.

(Quantities are per week except where otherwise stated.)

Bread, flour and flour confectionery—rationing introduced 21st July, 1946.

Bacon 5th January, 1947–reduced from 3 to 2 ounces. 19th October, 1947–reduced to 2 ounces per fortnight.

Meat 21st July, 1946–increased from 1s. 2d. worth to 1s. 4d. worth. 13th July, 1947–reduced to 1s. 2d. worth. 7th September, 1947–reduced to 1s. worth. Xmas week, 1945–10d. worth extra for one week. Xmas week, 1946–8d. worth extra for one week. 3rd November, 1946–1s. worth extra for underground coal miners introduced.

Butter and Margarine

The combined ration remained at 6 ounces but the amount of butter allowed varied as follows:— 11th November, 1945–increased from 2 to 3 ounces. 13th October, 1946–reduced to 2 ounces. 8th December, 1946–increased to 3 ounces. Xmas, 1945–one extra allowance of 6 ounces of butter-margarine.

Cooking fats 11th November, 1945–increased from 1 to 2 ounces. 3rd March, 1946–reduced to 1 ounce. 16th September, 1945–shredded suet included in cooking fat ration. 3rd. March, 1946–shredded suet transferred to Points Rationing scheme.

Tea 22nd July, 1945–increased from 2 to 2½ ounces. 20th July, 1947–reduced to 2 ounces.

Cheese 11th November, 1945–increased from 2 to 3 ounces. 26th May, 1946–reduced to 2 ounces.

Sugar 20th July, 1947–increased from 8 to 10 ounces.

Bonus issues: ration period commencing— 9th December, 1945–1 lb. extra. 28th April, 1946–1 lb. extra. 23rd June, 1946–1 lb. extra. 21st July, 1946–1 lb. extra. 15th September, 1946–1 lb. extra. 8th December, 1946–1½ lbs. extra. 27th April, 1947–1 lb. extra. 23rd June, 1947–1 lb. extra. 20th July, 1947–1 lb. extra. 17th August, 1947–1 lb. extra.

Preserves 16th September, 1945–reduced from 2 lbs. of marmalade or 1 lb. other preserves or 1 lb. of sugar to 1 lb. preserves or 1 lb. sugar per 4-week period. 26th May, 1946–*extra allowance of 1 lb. preserves for one 4-week period. 12th October, 1947–*extra allowance of 1 lb. preserves for one 4-week period. 15th September, 1946–mincemeat (prepacked) transferred to Points Rationing scheme. 5th January, 1947–imported jams transferred to Points Rationing scheme. (* Not allowed if consumer exercised option to take sugar in lieu of preserves.)

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