HC Deb 21 January 1947 vol 432 cc26-7W
Mr. Tiffany

asked the Minister of Transport if he will give the number of major inquiries which have been held dealing with the problem of transport between the two wars and make a statement.

Mr. Barnes

The following is a list of the mope important official reports on transport matters in Great Britain published since 1919:

1919. Select Committee on Transport (Metropolitan Area) Departmental Committee on the Handling of Goods Traffic (Gattie Committee Report) (Cmd. 492).
1920. Departmental Committee on the Taxation and Regulation Of Road Vehicles (Interim Report) (Cmd. 660).
Departmental Committee on Inland Waterways 1920–21 (1st Interim Report not published) (2nd Interim Report, 1921).
Electrification of Railways Advisory Committees (Interim and Final Reports) 1920–21.
1921. Light Railway Investigation Committee Report.
1925. Departmental Committee on the Licensing and Regulation of Public Service Vehicles (Interim Report).
1927. Report of the London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee on the Coordination of Passenger Transport Facilities in the London Traffic Area.
1928. Royal Commission on Transport 1928–30 (Cmd. 3365, 3416, 3751 and 4048).
1929. Standing Committee on Mineral Transport (Cmd. 3420).
1931. Report on the Electrification of Main Line Railways.
1932. Committee of Inquiry—London Motor Coach Services and Documents furnished by the Minister of Transport.
The Conference on Road and Rail Transport (Salter Report).
1937. The Transport Advisory Council's Report on Services and Rates.

1938. The Transport Advisory Council's Report on Service and Rates (Coastwise Shipping).
1939. The Transport Advisory Council's Report on the proposals of the Main Line Railway Companies (Square Deal).
1940. Charges (Railway Control) Consultative Committee Report, 1940, on the L.P.T.B. (Increase of Fares).
Charges (Railway Control) Consultative Committee Report, 1940, for increasing charges of the Railway Companies and the L.P.T.B.
1945. Clyde Estuary Committee Report.
1946. Charges Consultative Committee Report dated 8.8.46 as to adjustment of the Fares of the L.P.T.B.