HC Deb 19 February 1947 vol 433 cc183-4W
80. Mr. Hurd

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty why CJX 640841 L. J. P. Hiscock, A.B., who was granted eight weeks temporary release for harvest work last autumn has now had his demobilisation from the R.N. deferred from Group 57 to Group 58.

Mr. Dugdale

I have looked into this matter. In accordance with the provisions of the Release Scheme, only whole time service on Service rates of pay is generally reckonable in the assessment of a man's age and Service Group, and the Admiralty have hitherto applied this criterion strictly. It has now been decided, however, that periods of agricultural leave up to 28 days, plus any extension which may be granted awing to inclement weather, within a maximum of a further 28 days, shall not be regarded as a break in service for the purpose of assessing age and Service Groups. Hiscock's age and Service Group will accordingly be restored to number 57.

81. Mr. Callaghan

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty what is the demobilisation programme for dental officers; and how the ratio of naval dentists to the men of the R.N. compares with the ratio of civilian dentists to the civil population.

Mr. Dugdale

Release of dental officers in the Royal Navy reached age and ser vice Group 52 at the end of January, 1947, and by the end of March, 1947, all temporary dental officers who volunteered to stay until that date will also have been released. It is not possible to announce any further programme of releases until the probable number of entries of dental officers during the current year is known. The present ratio of naval dental officers to total personnel is about 1.2 per thousand. I understand that the ratio for the civilian population is about 1 to 3,000.

86. Mr. Raikes

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty the number of men with less than four years' service released from the R.N. during 1946.

Mr. Dugdale

I regret that this information is not readily available and could only be obtained at the expense of time and labour now being devoted to more urgent work