HC Deb 22 October 1946 vol 427 c339W
Sir J. Lucas

110, 111, and 112. asked the Minister of Works (1) when it is intended to derequisition Aldenham House at present occupied by the B.B.C.; and, if retention is decided, whether he will take immediate steps to compensate the tenants for the capital sums expended on the premises;

(2) if he is aware that the requisitioning of Aldenham House for an indefinite period prevents the tenants from earning their livelihood as residential county club proprietors; that the large amount of furniture in store is deteriorating in value; and what steps he will take to remedy this injustice;

(3) if, for as long as the requisitioning of Aldenham House continues, he will arrange for this to be confined to such structures as his Department have themselves erected, returning the rest to the tenants.

Mr. Tomlinson

Aldenham House is at present being used by the B.B.C. for foreign broadcasting and will be required for this purpose for a considerable time, possibly six years or more. Compensation in respect of requisitioned property is governed by the Compensation (Defence) Act, 1939, and the Requisitioned Land and War Works Act, 1945. Under these Acts no provision is made for repayment of capital sums spent on premises, but compensation based on the estimated annual value of the premises is paid. The furniture has been stored and maintained at Government expense. It would not be practicable to surrender any part of the premises at present under requisition.