HC Deb 12 March 1946 vol 420 cc187-9W
94. Mr. Driberg

asked the Secretary of State for War if he will expedite the payment of moneys owing to an ex-Service-man, of whose identity he has been informed, whose release leave ended on 2nd March and whose pay book has been lost by the Regimental Paymaster, Army Pay Office, Knightsbndge, or by the unit from which this soldier was demobilised

Mr. Lawson

I regret the delay in settling this soldier's account which arose from the fact that his pay book was sent by his unit to the wrong Pay Office Even in the absence of the pay book the Regimental Paymaster should have made payment to the soldier at the end of his first 56 days of release leave on the assumption that he had been receiving his normal cash issue each week before his release leave started. This was unfortunately not done but the amount due to him has now been issued.

107 Mr. Wilkins

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that in reply to a request for the compassionate release of 7897101 Lance-Sergeant K Bull, A Squadron, 50th Tank Regiment, C.M.F., now demobilised, on the grounds of the critical:illness of his father, his Department advised the hon. Member for Bristol, South, on 11th February that Mr. Bull was not dangerously ill and was not in need of further assistance; that Mr. Bull died on 12th February; that Lance-Sergeant Bull, after 15 days in transit, failed to reach home before his father died; and on what inquiries the erroneous information supplied by his Department was based.

Mr. Lawson

The information contained in the latter which was sent to my hon. Friend on 11th February was based on a report from a reliable source dated 21st January, and I have no reason to suppose that the information was not accurate at that time I very much regret that the information was not conveyed immediately to my hon. Friend. It is, however, unlikely that, even if later information had been available to the War Office, it would have made any difference in the time of Sergeant Bull's arrival in this country, as he would probably already have left for England on Class A release before any instructions could have reached his unit.

109 Wing-Commander Robinson

asked the Secretary of State for War when his Department proposes to reply to a letter addressed to the Financial Secretary on 23rd October 1945, by the hon. and gallant Member for Blackpool, South, about the case of the late 1444946 Sapper R. Crook, and acknowledged on 24th October; and whether he is aware that a reminder was sent to the Financial Secretary on 7th February, 1946, and acknowledged on 8th February, since when no further communication has been received.

Mr. Lawson

I regret that it has not been possible to trace the hon. and gallant Member's letter of 23rd October. I also very much regret the delay in dealing with his reminder of 7th February which was occasioned by an exhaustive search being made for the previous letter It was impossible to make inquiries on the basis of the second letter without knowing the contents of the earlier one, but if the hon. and gallant Member would now send me full particulars, I will have immediate inquiries made.

119. Mr. Wilson Harris

asked the Secretary of State for War how many cables have been sent to A.L FS.E.A. directing the release under Class B of an officer, whose name has been communicated to him; and what prospect there is of the direction being complied with

Mr. Lawson

I regret the delay in dealing with this case, but a report has now been received that this officer cannot be made available for Class B release, as this would result in the retention of another officer beyond the date on which he is due for Class A release.

Major Bruce

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that 14015321 Rifleman G. Brown, of the Cameronians, who was demobilised from the Army on 27th November, 1945, served overseas from October, 1941, until February, 1944, while serving with the R.A.F., from which he was transferred on 15th May, 1945; and whether he will take steps to ensure that the demobilisation leave pay due in respect of such overseas service is paid to Rifleman Brown without undue delay.

Mr. Lawson

I regret the delay in assessing the overseas service leave due to this man, but his overseas service has now been verified and the pay and allowances due to him were despatched on 6th March