HC Deb 17 July 1946 vol 425 cc199-201W
56. Mr. Eccles

asked the Minister of Food whether he will modify his bread-rationing scheme so that one point can be exchanged for two B. U. s and one B.U. for half a point.

Mr. Strachey

No, Sir. But I shall, of course, carefully watch the way the exchange of points with bread units goes.

63. Mr. Prescott

asked the Minister of Food how many persons it is estimated will draw extra bread unit coupons as being manual workers engaged in the trade of the manufacture of camouflage and the production of camouflage materials, as specified in paragraph 27 of the Schedule to form B.M.W.1.

Mr. Strachey

None. The category is now obsolete and was left in the schedule by mistake—but it was the kind of mistake which does no one any harm.

77. Mr. S. Shephard

asked the Minister of Food if it is intended to employ enforcement officers in connection with the bread rationing scheme.

Mr. Strachey

Yes, Sir.

87. Mr. Blackburn

asked the Minister of Food whether, in the interests of people living alone, he will consider making bread units exchangeable for points in multiples of four instead of eight.

Mr. Strachey

I regret that I do not see my way to accept this suggestion.

89. Sir W. Wakefield

asked the Minister of Food, if there is to be any limit to the amount of bread which can be served when bread is taken as a third course at restaurants, canteens and catering establishments.

Mr. Strachey

There is no limit to the individual's course but the catering establishment will only be given a definite allowance of bread for all its customers.

93. Lieut.-Colonel Thorp

asked the Minister of Food how many tons of wheat he expects to save monthly by rationing bread; and how many days supply this represents.

Mr. Strachey

Flour consumption will be influenced directly and indirectly by factors whose effects cannot be reliably assessed until the scheme is in operation. I regret therefore that at the present stage, I am not in a position to give the information for which the hon. and gallant Member asks.

94. Lieut.-Colonel Thorp

asked the Minister of Food how many points one B.U. represents; and whether he will consider allowing them to be given in for food on points without exchanging them for points.

Mr. Strachey

One bread unit will exchange for one point. On the second part of the Question I must refer the hon. Member to my reply to questions by the hon. Members for Hemel Hempstead (Viscountess Davidson) and West Lewisham (Mr. Skeffington) on 10th July of which I am sending him a copy.

95. Lieut.-Colonel Clifton-Brown

asked the Minister of Food if a special bread allowance can be made for schoolchildren when a midday school meal is not provided.

Mr. Strachey

I regret that I cannot adopt this suggestion. The allowances for children have been fixed to meet their needs even if they do not get school meals.

96. Mr. H. Strauss

asked the Minister of Food whether persons who receive extra bread coupons as manual workers will remain entitled to use them in all circumstances; or in what circumstances of their stopping work, and for what periods, will their right to extra food be in abeyance.

Mr. Strachey

If employers will notify food offices when such workers leave their employment the extra coupons will be cancelled when eligibility ceases.

107. Mr. Duthie

asked the Minister of Food what is the proposed conversion value of one B.U. in terms of oatmeal.

Mr. Strachey

I regret that I cannot declare the points value of oatmeal before 21st July.

120. Mr. Keeling

asked the Minister of Food for what reason an adolescent van-boy will get twice as much bread as an adult working housewife or shop assistant.

Mr. Strachey

Adolescent van boys would get the quantity mentioned only if they had the manual worker's ration, and few of them will qualify for this.

121. Lieut.-Commander Hutchison

asked the Minister of Food if he is aware that women who are engaged in manual work as office cleaners for 30 hours per week and who are in receipt of the industrial 10 clothing coupons are being refused extra B.U. coupons; and whether he will add these women to the list of persons contained in the Schedule of B.M.W.1 who are eligible for such additional bread ration.

Mr. Strachey

I am aware that office cleaners are not eligible for the manual worker bread ration. I regret that I cannot see my way to extending the schedule of B.M.W.1 to include them.