HC Deb 16 July 1946 vol 425 cc182-3W
Mr. Garry Allighan

asked the Secretary of State for War the rates of retired pay for regular soldiers commissioned from the ranks and the rates of revised pay applicable to the quartermaster category of officers.

Mr. Lawson

The new rates of pay of quartermasters and officers of similar category are as follow:

Service. Rank. Daily rate of pay.
Minimum Lieutenant 20s.
After 2 years Lieutenant 22s.
After 4 years Lieutenant 24s.
After 6 years Captain 27s.
After 8 years Captain 29s.
After 10 years Captain 31s.
After 12 years Major 34s.
After 14 years Major 36s.
After 16 years Major 38s.
After 18 years Major 40s
Lieutenant-Colonel. 43s.

There will be time promotion to Captain after six years' service and to Major after 12 years' service. Promotion to Lieut.-Colonel will be by selection.

"Service" will include previous commissioned service and one-third of other rank service in excess of 12 years (excluding boy service).

The previous arrangements whereby these officers could be given brevet and accelerated promotion, and special promotion to the rank of Major to till certain establishment vacancies are being abolished.

Regular soldiers promoted to permanent Regular commissions in the Quartermaster class will be eligible for retired pay under the general conditions of the new retired pay code, details of which were given in Cmd. 6750 (Appendix III), but in their case the standard retired pay rates will be:

  • Captain,£375 a year,
  • Major, £450 a year,
  • Lieut.-Colonel, £500 a year.

Regular soldiers promoted to normal permanent Regular commissions will be eligible on retirement for retired pay at the rates and under the conditions shown in Cmd. 6750 (Appendix III).

As regards the retired pay entitlement of Regular soldiers who were appointed to wartime emergency commissions, I am unable, at present, to add anything to the statement contained in paragraph 65 of Cmd: 6750.