HC Deb 12 July 1946 vol 425 cc125-6W
Mr. W. Foster

asked the Minister of Works if he will make a statement with regard to the availability of plasterboard.

Mr. Tomlinson:

Yes, Sir. Production of plasterboard exceeds the prewar level, but there is, nevertheless, a very serious shortage, since large quantities are required at present for war damage repairs and for use in various type of temporary and permanent prefabricated houses. In view of the urgency of these requirements, upon which an immediate increase in the supply of housing accommodation largely depends, it has been reluctantly decided that, as a temporary measure, the use of plasterboard must largely be denied to new houses of traditional type. This means that alternative methods of ceiling construction must be employed and guidance on this point is being given to local authorities and to private builders under licence. The alternatives which can most conveniently be used in present circumstances are laths and lime plaster (the laths being either the traditional timber

Officers below the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel or Wing-Commander.
Approximate Age. Service. Daily rate of Pay.
s. d.
21 Minimum 13 0
23 After 2 years service 15 0
25 After 4 years service 17 0
26 After 5 years service 19 0
27 After 6 years service 23 0
29 After 8 years service 25 6
31 After 10 years service 28 0
33 After 12 years service 30 6
35 After 14 years service 33 0
37 After 16 years service 36 0
39 After 18 years service 39 0
41 After 20 years service 42 0
Lieutenant-Colonels and Wing-Commanders.
On appointment. 47 6
After 2 years' in the rank 50 0
After 4 years' in the rank 52 6
After 6 years' in the rank 55 0
After 8 years' in the rank 57 6

Higher ranks.—The rates announced in the White,. Paper (Cmd. 6750) of 6th March, 1946.

2. Officers will generally be recruited after they have spent some time in the teaching profession or on other work of value in the performance of their duties. In order that they may start at an appropriate point in the scale, credits, counting for increments, will be given as follow:

(i) For a degree: 18 months.

(ii) For previous experience in an approved post as a qualified teacher, or in certain

or expanded metal) and insulation board. It is hoped to make use of insulation board as much as possible in order to relieve the strain on the available supply of skilled plasterers. I must, of course, emphasise that as soon as the heavy burden of war damage repairs is reduced and the temporary house programme nears completion, additional supplies of plasterboard will become available for ceiling construction in new traditional houses.