HC Deb 12 July 1946 vol 425 cc126-8W
Mr. Tiffany

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he will now make a statement regarding the pay and retired pay of officers of the educational services.

9. Mr. Lawson:

1. It has been decided that the following scale of pay, which is broadly in line with the General Service scales, will apply to officers of the educational services (other than Army officers of the quartermaster class, who will be paid as such) in the Army and Royal Air Force:

other circumstances where it is accepted that the time spent is of value to an Education Officer in the performance of his duties: the length of such experience, subject to a maximum of 2½ years.

The above credits will be cumulative, but the total credit will in no case exceed the period between the officer's 21st birthday and the date of his commission.

3. Apart from the credits mentioned in the preceding paragraph, officers possessing 1st or 2nd class honours degrees will receive acceler- ated advancement on the scale, equivalent to 2 yews' service for 1st class honours, and 1 year's service for 2nd class honours.

4 There will be promotion by time up to the rank of Major, or Squadron-Leader. The period after which such promotion will be given will be fixed by each service to suit its own conditions, but the scale of pay will apply irrespective of rank.

Promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel and Wing-Commander and higher ranks will be by selection.

5. Owing to the nature of the employment of Education Officers in the Naval Service, where, in addition to their educational work, they are required to take a direct part in

Education Officers. s. d.
On entry, Sub-Lieutenant 13 0
After 1 year's total service, Lieutenant 17 0
After 3 year's total service, Lieutenant 19 0
After 5 year's total service, Lieutenant 24 0
After 7 year's total service, Lieutenant 26 0
After 9 year's total service, Lieutenant-Commander 32s. 0d. by biennial increments of 2s. 0d. to 42s. 0d.
*Education Officers. s. d.
During preliminary training, (about six months) Acting Lieutenant 17 0
For remainder of first two years, Lieutenant 19 0
After 2 years total service Lieutenant 24 0
After 4 years total service Lieutenant 26 0
After 6 years total service Lieutenant-Commander 32s. 0d. by biennial increments of as. 0d. to 42s. 0d.

The rates for the two grades are thus identical subject to the difference of seniority. On transfer to the permanent list both will go on a common seniority list. The system of credits in respect of university degrees or previous experience will not operate for Education Officers in the Naval Service.

7.Promotion to Commander and Captain in the Educational branch will be by selection. Rates of pay will be the same as those for general list officers of equivalent ranks in the Royal Navy.

8.Special instructions will be issued for the assimilation of existing Royal Naval Schoolmasters.

Service retired pay and gratuities.

The new general schemes of service retired pay and gratuities for Regular officers, details of which are given in Appendix III of the White Paper Cmd. 6750, will apply to permanent Regular officers of the educational services who were serving on the active list on 19th December, 1945. or who are commissioned after that date. The special terms for Army Quartermasters will apply to Army education officers of the quartermaster class. The rates for existing Royal Naval Schoolmasters are under consideration.

Officers of the educational services who are now serving with permanent Regular commissions will remain eligible, if to their advantage, far awards under the regulations now superseded, instead of the new terms, under the combatant duties of His Majesty's Ships, it has been decided that the scale of pay of these officers should be more closely conditioned to that for naval general service officers. The general effect of the naval scale will be to give Education Officers in that service total overall emoluments not dissimilar to those in the Army and Royal Air Force.

Naval Education Officers will be entered in two grades:—*Education officers, who will be selected from candidates possessing 1st and 2nd class honours degrees; and other Education Officers. This division corresponds roughly to the existing division into Instructors and Schoolmaster Officers. Future titles are under consideration.

6. The following are the naval rates:

the same conditions as other officers {see paragraph 67 of Cmd. 6750).

10. Officers who retired with retired pay before 19h December. 1945, and who served during the war, will be allowed re-assessment of the retired pay in respect of their war service under the terms of the scheme which I announced in the House on 15th April.