HC Deb 25 February 1946 vol 419 cc339-40W
Mr. S. Shephard

asked the President of the Board of Trade what percentage of the following manufactures is allocated to export markets: motor-cars, motor-bicycles, cycles, cotton dress fabrics, woollen dress fabrics, blankets, carpets, china, glassware, cutlery, watches and clocks, stockings, linen sheets, cotton sheets, iron bedsteads, curtain material, bath towels and towelling.

Sir S. Cripps

It is hoped to attain the following export targets by the middle of this year:

Per cent.
Private motor cars 50
Motor bicycles 60
Cycles 60
Watches and clocks 25

In the case of carpets the present export target is 20 per cent.

No specific export percentages have yet been laid down for cutlery, pottery, glass-ware and metal bedsteads, but, for the periods indicated below, which are in each case the most recent for which figures are available, the proportion by value of exports to total production was as follows:

Domestic Cutlery, 28 per cent.—period July-September, 1945.

Domestic Pottery, 42 per cent.—period October-December, 1945.

Domestic Glassware, 15 per cent.—period August-October, 1945.

Metal Bedsteads, 16 per cent.—period August-October, 1945.

As regards the textile items, approximately 13 per cent. of the production of woollen piece goods is being exported and about 20 per cent. of the total output of cotton yarn is being allocated to exports of cotton piece goods, most of which are required to meet essential Empire requirements; while about 30 per cent. of the total supplies of flax is being allocated to exports of linen goods. Export of women's stockings were, during the months December, 1945–January, 1946, at the rate of about 11 per cent. by volume of total production. Information in regard to the remaining items is not readily available.

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