HC Deb 12 February 1946 vol 419 cc80-1W
Lieut.-Commander Clark Hutchison

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he is yet in a position to make a statement about the reorganisation of the Scottish Special Housing Association.

Mr. Westwood

I hope to be in a position to make a full statement on this matter during the Debate on the Second Reading of the Housing (Financial Provisions) (Scotland) Bill. In the meantime, I may say that steps have already been taken to strengthen the organisation of the association, and, in particular, I am now considering the large number of applications for the new post of full-time chairman, received in response to the recent advertisement.

Major Spence

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the number of houses in Scotland completed, the number under construction and the number not yet begun in respect of permanent houses, distinguishing between traditional and prefabricated types as at 31st December, 1945; and how many of these were in the landward areas.

Mr. Westwood

At 31st December, 1,406 traditional and 22 prefabricated houses of the postwar programme had been completed; 5,350 traditional and 832 prefabricated houses were under construction and 3,154 traditional and 1,163 prefabricated houses for which tenders had been approved had not been begun. The corresponding figures for landward areas were 162 and 14; 668 and 190; and 632 and 316 respectively.

Mr. M. MacMillan

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the number of houses now under construction by Stornoway Town Council and when they are expected to be ready for occupation; the number under construction in Lewis Island by the county council and when they will be completed; the number being built with State assistance by individual crofters or others in Lewis; and the target figure for town and county councils, respectively, for any given date this year.

Mr. Westwood

Stornoway have 74 permanent houses under construction at present, most of which should be completed by the early summer. No houses are under construction by the county council in Lewis, but two houses are being erected by private individuals with State assistance. Stornoway propose to build 80 houses and the county 160 houses in Lewis during the course of this year.

Mr. McGovern

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the number of condemned houses in the Glasgow area that were demolished each year from January, 1919, up to January, 1946; and the number at present passed as unfit for human habitation and to be demolished.

Mr. Westwood

The total number of houses demolished in Glasgow as unfit during the period was 17,880, while 15,000 houses, though not condemned, are scheduled for action under the Housing (Scotland). Acts. The figures are as follows:

Year Number of Houses Closed or Demolished
*1919–1923 163
1924 528
1925 385
1926 506
1927 782
1928 842
1929 1,036
1930 1,310
1931 1,296
1932 1,013
1933 1,155
1934 1,700
1935 2,739
1936 1,392
1937 1,303
1938 1,003
1939 349
1940 213
1941 74
1942 13
1943 46
1944 20
1945 12
Total 17,880
*No separate yearly figures are available for the period 1919–1923.

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