HC Deb 03 December 1946 vol 431 cc70-1W
Mr. Allighan

asked the Minister of Food the total quantities of foodstuffs that have been sent for free distribution to the people of Gravesend and elsewhere throughout this country from the Dominions, indicating the different donor countries.

Mr. Strachey

The following table sets out the total quantities of gift foods sent from abroad for free distribution in this country. Two hundred and twelve cases

Country. Number of cases of various foods (average weight per case 50–60 lb.). Other Gifts
Kenya 7,546 17 Bags Marjoram
Northern Rhodesia 8,246
Southern Rhodesia 23,151 4,907 Hinds Beet
3,507 Quarters Beef
4,558 Pigs
316 Sides Bacon
Tanganyika 66
Union of South Africa 95,464 5,379 Pigs
1,333 Sides Bacon
New South Wales 120,044
Queensland 57,731
South Australia 61,107
Victoria 157,035
Western Australia 32,519
Australian Red Cross 10,554
Canada 88,385
New Zealand 15,568 796 Lambs
78 Carcases Wild Pork
Tons Meat
Tasmania 6,389
British West Indies 2,547
Chile 612
Ecuador 28
Fiji 1,884