HC Deb 24 October 1945 vol 414 cc2148-9W
Mr. C. S. Taylor

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs how many persons, not being British subjects, enjoy diplomatic privileges in this country; and by how many this number was increased by the Diplomatic Privileges (the Transport Organisation and War Crimes Commission) Order in Council, 1945 (S.R. & O., 1945, No. 1211).

Mr. Bevin

The number of persons accepted by His Majesty's Government as entitled to full diplomatic immunity from legal process as members of the foreign Missions accredited to the Court of St. James is 909. The same immunity is enjoyed by 25 members of the staffs of Missions accredited to certain Allied Governments, and by 10 members of the retinues of foreign Sovereigns at present residing in this country. It is also enjoyed by 204 Allied Government officials still working here, and by 18 persons connected with U.N.R.R.A., one connected with the Intergovernmental Committee for Refugees, and by 69 foreign government representatives on the Preparatory Commission. The total number of persons enjoying full diplomatic immunity from process in these categories is, therefore, 1,236. This figure does not include wives and children sharing the immunity of their menfolk. To this total will shortly be added, under the Order-in-Council referred to by the hon. Member, the names of about nine persons not already privileged in other capacities.