HC Deb 12 October 1945 vol 414 cc558-9W
Major J. Morrison

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if the farm of Ballinaby, Islay, has been acquired or merely requisitioned, and if the former what capital sum has been paid; what has been the total expenditure and receipts since the commencement of the operation; how was that expenditure apportioned between drainage, buildings, etc., and ordinary farming expenditure and receipts; and when it is expected that expenditure will cease, over and above the ordinary current farming expenditure to be met out of receipts for produce.

Mr. T. Fraser

Part of the farm of Ballinaby, Islay, has been requisitioned. The question of acquisition is under consideration. The total Expenditure and Receipts are:—

(a) On Capital Improvements to 4th October, 1945
Buildings 2,915 0 0
Sheep Fank and Dipper 300 0 0
Watercourses and field drainage 4,157 0 0
Water Supply 113 0 0
Fencing and Dykes 1,100 0 0
£8,585 0 0

(b) On Farm Management to 28th November, 1944
Expenditure (including stock crop and implements, etc. 6,365 0 10
Receipts 901 13 1
Valuation of stock crop and implements, etc., at 28th November, 1944 5,173 16 0
Leaving a deficit 289 11 9

It is estimated that a further expenditure of £800 will complete the drainage and other improvements.