HC Deb 29 November 1945 vol 416 c1767W
Mr. Kendall

asked the Assistant Postmaster-General by what date he expects

Welsh Church Commission.
Salaries paid to the Commissioners. 24th September.1914 to 31st October, 1945.
Chairman £ s. d. £ s. d.
Sir Henry Pr1mrose— 23rd September. 1914 t0 17th June. 1923 12,729 0 0
Sir A. Griffith Boscawen— 29th June. 1923 to 31st December. 1944 31,123 0 0
Sir Wynn P. Wheld0o— 16th August. 1945 to 31st October. 1945 208 0 0 44,060 0 0
other Commissioners
Mr. Dav1d Allan— 24th September. 1942 to 12th March. 1943 233 0 0
Mr. E. Furnival Jones— 14th May. 1943 to 31st October. 1945 1,231 0 0 1,464 0 0
£45,524 0 0
Note.— Lord Plender was a Commissioner from 1914 to 1942, but at his own request never drew a salary. After his retirement his successors (first Mr. Allan and then Mr.Furnival Jones) were paid a salary of £ 500 per annum,and the salary of the Chairman was reduced by the same amount. This salary of £ 500 includes professional fees for accounting work.
As stated in reply to the hon. Member on 22nd November. 1945 travelling and subsistence allowances are paid at Civil Service rates; it is not practicable to extract the relevant amounts from the total cost of the Commission, of which particulars were given to the hon. Member by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury on 13th November.1945.