HC Deb 13 November 1945 vol 415 cc2038-9W
Mr. Lindsay

asked the Secretary of State for War what proportion of men are covered by Army education schemes providing for full eight hours a week and what proportion less than eight hours, respectively; in how many units in the B.A.O.R. the scheme is fully implemented; how many instructors have been trained and how many officers and other ranks have been transferred to the A.E.C. since VE-Day; and how many have been recommended for transfer but have not been so transferred, respectively.

Mr. Lawson

Much time and labour would be required to ascertain what proportion of men throughout the whole Army are covered by Army Education schemes providing the full six hours a week—not eight hours as stated in the Question. The number of units in B.A.O.R. operating the Scheme, either wholly or partially, on 30th September, 1945, was 1, 319. All of these units were doing three or more hours education a week in training or working time. It is not practicable to obtain accurate information about the number of unit instructors who have been trained.

The number of officers and other ranks who have been transferred to the Army Educational Corps or attached for employment with the A.E.C. in Commands at home since VE-Day is 85 officers and 267 other ranks. The number recommended by Command Selection Boards and not transferred or attached for employment is 121 officers and 139 other ranks, including those no longer available owing to withdrawals, releases, sickness, etc. Figures are not available for the overseas Commands who are empowered to attach officers or transfer other ranks to the Army Educational Corps.

Major Legge-Bourke

asked the Secretary of State for War why it is that only men in groups 1 to 25 for release are permitted to undergo educational training courses.

Mr. Lawson

The scheme is not restricted to any particular groups, but where a unit cannot apply it to everyone immediately owing to military duties preference is sometimes given to men in the earlier release groups. Most units operating the scheme, however, are able to apply it to all personnel.