HC Deb 21 February 1945 vol 408 cc813-4W
Sir R. Gower

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, in view of the advertisements which are being published on behalf of his Department indicating that there are vacancies for men to go overseas as lieutenants R.N.V.R. for technical duties in naval dockyards, what steps have been taken to make these appointments available to chargemen, inspectors and others of particular ability in the naval dockyards in this country.

Mr. Alexander

These appointments have been, and continue to be offered to employees in the naval dockyards, but the response to the calls for volunteers

Temporary and Reserve Officers received gratuities at the following rates:
For the first year's service or part of a year's service 124 days' pay.
For each subsequent year or part of a year's service 62 days' pay.
2. Officers on the Retired or Emergency List received:
For every year's service or part of a year's service 31 days' pay.

3. Permanent Officers on the Active Lists of the R.N. and R.M. received gratuities on the following scale:
Rank or Relative Rank. For the first year's service (or for part of a year if a year has not been served). Increment for each additional month after a year's service.
Officers who have served at sea or overseas. Officers who have not served at sea or overseas.
£ £ £ s. d.
Admiral of the Fleet 720 3 1 10 0
Admiral 540
Vice Admiral 370
Rear Admiral 200
Commodores, 1st & 2nd Class 140 2 1 0 0
Captain and 3 years seniority 100
Commander and Captain under 3 years seniority. 75 1 10 0
Lieut.-Commander 60
Lieutenant 45
Sub-Lieutenant 40
Commissioned officer from warrant rank. 35
Warrant Officer 30
Midshipman 20
Paymaster Cadet 15

(a) Ratings with Service at sea or overseas.
Boys 2 Forth the first year with 10s. a calendar month in addition after the first year subject to a maximum addition of 48 such monthly payments corresponding to a total gratuity covering five year's service.
Ordinary Seamen or Able Seamen 5
Leading Officers 6
Petty Officers 8
Chief Petty Officers 12
(b) Ratings with no service at sea or overseas.
As for (a) but with additional payments of 5s. instead of 10s. a month after the first year.
c) Ratings who were paid service pension and pay concurrently.
As for (b) if with service at sea or overseas; if with no service at sea or overseas the additional payments were at the rate of 2s. 6d. a month after the first year.

from this source is inadequate and the Admiralty have therefore been compelled to resort to an endeavour to meet the deficiency from industry. The appointments are not, however, open to employees below the status or equivalent status of inspector.