HC Deb 08 February 1945 vol 407 c2243W
Mr. Mainwaring

asked the Minister of Health whether any practical scheme has now been evolved whereby wives of serving men can be provided with all necessaries during childbirth, so that their own domestic difficulties may be met and the natural anxiety of the men allayed.

Mr. Willink

The main provision for which I am responsible, which is available to the wives of serving men equally with all other women, is the Emergency Maternity Scheme which provides beds for the confinement of mothers from evacuation

Holland (A.C.). Kesteven (A.C.). Lindsey (A.C. and associated C.Bs.).
Notns. Deaths. Notns. Deaths. Notns. Deaths.
1940 54 3 85 4 339 12
1941 61 4 50 4 323 18
1942 72 2 32 2 383 11
1943 19 0 22 4 397 16
1944(1st 3 qrs.) 13(a) 12(a) 239(a)
6(b) 12(b) 216(b)
1. All the notifications and deaths refer to civilians only.
2. The notifications for the years 1940–1943 allow for such partial corrections of original notifications as were supplied to the Registrar-General.
3. For 1944 notifications are available only for the first three quarters of the year and no deaths are yet available. Two figures are shown for notifications in each area, those marked (a) being the numbers originally notified and (b) the numbers as finally corrected.