HC Deb 10 December 1945 vol 417 cc158-9W
Mr. S. Shephard

asked the Minister of Supply and of Aircraft Production what organisations to deal with the disposal of Government surplus stores have been set up in conjunction with his Department; and what value of goods have each disposed of, to a recent date.

Mr. Wilmot

A special disposals association has been set up to purchase and distribute all Government surpluses of pharmaceutical and allied chemicals. Up to the present all these surpluses have gone to U.N.R.R.A. and none have therefore, been passed to the association for disposal. Another association or similar lines has been set up to purchase and distribute surplus Government cinematograph equipment. All equipment sc far thrown up has been badly needed for other Government uses and none has, therefore, yet been passed to the association for disposal.

R.O.F. Total peak strength. Radius whence drawn. Mode of travel.
In the county of Yorkshire:
Leeds }(Engineering Factories) 3,187 8 miles Mainly tram.
Maltby 4.398 10 miles Buses.
Steeton 2.465 10 miles Train and Bus.
Thorp Arch (Filling Factory) 11,150 40 miles Those employees living within daily travelling distance came by bus from the North, West and East, and by train from the South, with "feeder" bus services where necessary.
In the county of Lancashire:
Blackburn (Engineering Factories) 4,780 6 miles Train and bus.
Fazakerley 9,568 5 miles Tram and bus.
Patricroft 2,846 4 miles Train and bus
Radcliffe 1.979 5 miles Train and bus.
Wigan 1,040 4 miles Bus.
Chorley }(Filling Factories) 35,600 30 miles Special train, bus and tram services, by arrangement with the L.M.S. Rly. and various Road Transport Companies.
Kirkby 22,480 15 miles Normal train service to Kirkby station. Also special train, bus and tram services.
Risley 25,13 20 miles Special train, bus and tram services as for R.O.F. Chorley.
Healey Hall (Factory closed on 19.7.43) 778 0.5 miles Train. Special bus services.
In the county of Cheshire:
EllesmerePort }(Engineering Factories) 1,257 6 miles Train and bus.
Hooton 1,006 6 miles Train and bus.
Radway Green 14,196 12 miles Train and bus.
(There are no Filling Factories in Cheshire).

Of the above Royal Ordnance Factories, the following are to be retained in peace establishment: Leeds, Maltby, Blackburn, Fazakerley, Patricroft, Rad-