HC Deb 03 December 1945 vol 416 cc2052-4W
Mr. Maude

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department which closed prisons he proposes to reopen in order to relieve the over crowding in His Majesty's prisons; how much accommodation can be secured by those means; and what further accommodation is so necessary as to justify the acquisition of additional premises.

Mr. Ede

Pentonville prison is to be reopened, and the Prison Commissioners have under active consideration the question of reopening other closed prisons, but it is not possible yet to say what prisons, or how much accommodation will be secured by this means. Additional premises will also be required for five new Borstal institutions. Buildings which will fulfil the security conditions necessary for their adaptation for use as ordinary prisons cannot easily be found, but the Prison Commissioners have in view the acquisition of a number of suitable premises for use as prisons of a minimum security type.

Mr. Maude

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department what accommodation is now provided for prisoners in local and convict prisons, preventive detention prisons and inmates of Borstal institutions; and what was the daily average and the greatest and least number of men and women prisoners and inmates, respectively, during the year ended 31st December, 1944.

Mr. Ede: The information is as follows:

Accommodation now available in ordinary cells (a). Daily Average number of prisoners and inmates in the year ended 31.12.44. Greatest number of all classes of prisoners and inmates (15.12.44). Least number of all classes of prisoners and inmates (4.1.44). Population on 20.11.45.
M. F. M. F. M. F. M. F. M. F.
In Local Prisons 10,238(b) 1,077 8,776 1,151 9,328 1,269 7,919 1,020 10,774(d) 1,058
In Convict Prisons 1,688 70 1,017 57 1,061 51 996 42 1,301 66
In Preventive Detention Prisons 40 5 40 2 37 2 45 2 37 3
In Borstal Institutions 1,959(c) 322 1,623 266 1,668 297 1,628 238 1,920 301
Totals 13,925 1,474 11,476 1,476 12,094 1,619 10,588 1,302 14,032 1,428
13,713 11,890 15,460
(a) Including dormitories in B.I's.
(b) Does not include Pentonville Prison (closed).
Does not include New Hall Camp (accommodation for 100) (based on Wakefield Prison).
(c) Does not include Prescoed Camp (85 lads are at present at the Camp) (based on Usk B.I.).
(d) Includes 839 persons awaiting removal to Borstal Institutions.

The above figures do not include prisoners housed in temporary huts. On 20.11.45 there were housed in temporary huts at:
Chelmsford 70
Durham 63
Lincoln 88
Maidstone 80
Norwich 25
Winchester 122
Total 448