HC Deb 28 September 1944 vol 403 cc436-8W
Sir D. Hacking

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department which war-time regulations and restrictions affecting his Department have already been rendered less onerous or totally abolished.

Mr. H. Morrison

The following restrictions, with which the Home Office and Ministry of Home Security were concerned, have been totally abolishedThe Control of Maps Orders, which prohibited the acquisition of large-scale maps without a licence. Defence Regulation 8 (3a), which prohibited the unauthorised possession of wireless receiving apparatus in road vehicles. The Regional Commissioners (Powers of Detention) Orders, made under Defence Regulation 18BB, empowering Regional Commissioners to direct the detention of suspects. The Aliens (High Frequency Apparatus Restriction) Order, 1940, which prohibited enemy aliens from having high frequency apparatus without the permission of the Secretary of State. The Aliens (Protected Areas) Orders in so far as they declared the High Wycombe area, the Leighton Buzzard area, the Northampton area and the Stanmore and Northwood area to be Aliens Protected Areas. Part of the Aliens (Movement Restriction) Order, 1940, including the obligation on occupiers of premises to report to the police particulars of foreigners staying in the premises. The prohibition on liberation of racing pigeons without permission from the police under Defence Regulation 9 (2). The Vessels on Inland Waters (Immobilisation) Order, 1940, which required the immobilisation of unattended vessels on any inland waters. The Motor Vehicles (Control) Order, 1940, which required the immobilisation of unattended motor vehicles. Restrictions imposed under Defence Regulation 16A. Restrictions on visits to or residence in certain coastal areas (known as the Visitors' Ban). All curfew restrictions on persons, vehicles, and places of public resort. The requirements (which applied only in certain areas) upon owners of unlicensed cars to deposit car parts with the police. The following restrictions have been rendered less onerous: Control of High Frequency Apparatus Order. It is now open to any person, and not only limited classes, to apply for a permit to possess high frequency apparatus under that Order. Removal of Direction Signs Orders. Any direction sign can now be exhibited except such as can be seen and understood by a low flying aircraft. Aliens (Movement Restriction) Order, 1940. The hours of the curfew restriction imposed by this Order have been decreased during summer time. Aliens (Firearms, etc., Restriction) Order. Chief officers of police have been given complete discretion whether to permit any foreigner to have any firearm, ammunition or explosive. The Lighting (Restrictions) Orders made under D.R. 24. The black-out has been relaxed by admendment of these orders. Restrictions imposed under Defence Regulation 16A. The restrictions on access to many beaches have been withdrawn. The Camping (Restrictions) Order, 1940. Article 1 (i) of the Order, which prohibited camping anywhere within a 10-mile belt of the coast from Duncansby Head to Hengistbury Head, has been revoked. Camping may still be prohibited near important Service establishments, etc. Fire Guard duties and Civil Defence duties have also been considerably relaxed. Exemptions from the restrictions on foreigners have been granted to the following classes of persons: Exemption from most of the main restrictions on foreigners has been granted to—

  1. (a) Wives and minor children of foreign members of His Majesty's or Allied Forces.
  2. (b) Foreign widows of members of His Majesty's or Allied Forces.
  3. (c) British women who became aliens by marriage.
Nationals of all Allied States have been exempted from the main Aliens Movement Restrictions and the main restrictions on entry into Aliens Protected Areas. All but a very small proportion of foreigners have been exempted from the Aliens (Movement Restriction) Order, 1940.

Mr. Touche

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he is now in a position to state when Defence Regulation 18B will be withdrawn.

Mr. H. Morrison

I am not in a position to say when the Regulation will be withdrawn, but I would refer my hon. Friend to the statement which I made on Tuesday.

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