HC Deb 11 May 1944 vol 399 cc2104-6W
Sir R. Glyn

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what are the present rates of pay and allowances for officers and other ranks of the Palestinian Constabulary and the terms of pension awarded to wives and dependants of officers and constables killed or wounded in the execution of their duty; and whether any increase of pay and allowances has been made since the war to meet the increased cost of living in Palestine and the Middle East.

3. Colonel Stanley

The particulars are as follow:

1. Pay and Allowances.
(a) Officers. Per annum
(i) Salaries. £
Inspector-General 1,600
Deputy Inspector-General 1,200
Assistant Inspector-General 1,100
Superintendent 800–1,000
Deputy Superintendent 600–800
Assistant Superintendent 300–600
Grade I British Inspectors 300–420
Grade II British Inspectors 300–360

(ii) Allowances.

Expatriation Allowance.

  • £50per annum on salaries up to £600.
  • £100 per annum on salaries above £600 up to £1,000.
  • £150 per annum on salaries of £1,100.
  • £200 per annum on salaries of £1,200 and above.

Housing Allowance.

  • Housing allowances may be paid at varying rates.

(b) Other ranks British Section.

(i)Salaries. Per annum
Sergeant 180
2nd Sergeant 156
Constable 132

(iii) Allowances. Trade pay and proficiency pay at varying rates. Free uniform, quarters and rations. Marriage and children's allowances payable in respect of married men whose families are in the United Kingdom are as follows:

Per month
£ s. d.
Marriage allowance to wife 4 13 2
Children's allowances:
First child 2 1 2
Second child 1 16 10
Third and subsequent children 1 12 6

The payment of children's allowances is dependent upon the Constable or N.C.O. allotting half his salary to his wife.

(c) Other ranks Palestinian Section.

Per annum
First Inspector 264
Second Inspector 216
Sub-Inspector 168
Sergeant 120
Corporal 96
Constable 72

Allowances. Free uniform and trade and proficiency pay at varying rates.

Pensions. (a) Pensions to Dependants of Officers and Constables killed on duty. The pension provided by the Palestine Pensions Ordinance for the widow of an Officer of the Palestine Police, who is killed on duty, is at the rate of one-sixth of the Officer's pensionable emoluments, corresponding to the award provided under the Treasury Injury Warrant. A gratuity of one year's pensionable emoluments is also payable to the Officer's legal personal representative. The children are awarded gratuities of £1 multiplied by the number of their years, starting with their ages at the time of the father's death. Gratuities so granted must not be less than £10 nor more than £60. Under the Palestine Police Ordinance, the widow of a Constable is awarded a pension at the rate of one-sixth of twice his annual pay. There are also gratuities for children as for those of the Officers. Pending revision of the legislation, the Palestine Government have for some time been awarding, ex gratia, a pension at the rate of one-eighth of the widow's pension to each child of an Officer or Constable, who is killed on duty. The pension is doubled if there is no widow or the widow dies. A widow's pension ceases on re-marriage and a child's pension ceases at the age of 18 or, if a female, on marriage. Where Officers or Constables are killed in widespread riots, there is special provision for the award of a pension to the widow at the rate of one-quarter of the Officer's emoluments or of twice the Constable's pay, and pensions to the children of one-sixth of the widow's pension. If an Officer or Constable does not leave a widow and if his mother was wholly dependent upon him, the mother may be granted a pension at the same rate as to a widow.

(b) Awards to Officers and Constables Permanently injured on duty. Where a Palestine Police Officer is permanently injured in the execution of his duty, he may be awarded the following additions to his pension on retirement. When the capacity to contribute to his own support is: slightly impaired, five-sixtieths, impaired, ten-sixtieths, materially impaired, fifteen-sixtieths, totally destroyed, twenty-sixtieths, of pensionable emoluments. Where a Constable is permanently injured in the execution, of his duty, the following awards may be made. When the capacity to contribute to his own support is:

  • slightly impaired, gratuity equal to annual Pay.
  • impaired, gratuity equal to twice annual pay.
  • materially impaired, pension equal to half annual pay.
  • totally destroyed, pension equal to two-thirds annual pay.

Compensatory Allowances (Cost of living). Holders of posts referred to in 1 (a) and other ranks of the Palestinian Section in 1 (c) are eligible for compensatory allowance at the rates and within the salary limits set out in the reply given to the Honourable Member for Fulham East on the 22nd of March. Other ranks of the British Section referred to in 1 (b) receive an allowance equivalent to half of the monthly individual allowance referred to in that statement.