HC Deb 21 March 1944 vol 398 cc678-9W
Lieut.-Colonel Boles

asked the Secretary of State for War on what basis the pay of retired officers and other ranks recalled to the colours is assessed.

Sir J. Grigg

Officers who have retired from the Imperial, Indian or Burma Forces with retired pay and are recalled to service in general cease to draw their retired pay during the period of their re-employment. They receive the same rates of pay and allowances as other officers of corresponding rank in the same arm or branch of the Service, with an addition of 25 per cent. If they are holding a staff or other extra regimental appointment, they receive the rates of pay and allowances laid down for their appointment, also with an addition of 25 per cent. This addition is calculated on the daily rate of regimental or staff pay of which they may be in receipt, excluding any command, engineer, corps or additional pay. Retired officers recalled to the Service have the option of drawing, in lieu of the pay of their rank plus 25 per cent., a rate of pay equivalent to their service retired pay plus 25 per cent. if this is more favourable. Officers who have commuted any portion of their retired pay suffer a deduction from pay equivalent to the amount of retired pay commuted. Officers who have retired without retired pay and who are recalled to service do not receive the 25 per cent, addition to the pay of the rank or appointment which they hold.

Other ranks recalled to the Colours during the war receive the normal rates of pay appropriate to their rank and corps. Any service pension remains in issue.

Both officers and other ranks count, for increases of pay given for length of service, both their previous and their current periods of service.