HC Deb 09 March 1944 vol 397 cc2212-4W
Colonel A. Evans

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he is in a position to give the House any figures in regard to the amount of Mutual Aid furnished by the United Kingdom for the second half of the year 1943 in continuation of the figures given in Section III of the Report on Mutual Aid (Cmd. 6483) of 11th November, 1943.

Sir J. Anderson

The figures of our Mutual Aid to the United States are a continuation of the figures given in paragraph 31 of the Report on Mutual Aid presented to the House on 11th November last (Cmd. 6483).

(i) Capital installations in the United Kingdom. Estimated value of work done up to 30th September, 1943. £m Oct.-Dec. Qtr. 1943.
Barracks, hospitals, etc. 36
Air Ports 74
Other 7
Total 117 19
Cumulative total up to 31st Dec, 1943 £136m.
(ii) Goods and Services transferred in the United Kingdom. Up to 30th Sept. Oct.-Dec. Qtr. 1943.
1. Army Supplies 35
2. Aircraft 27
3. Industrial, Naval and other supplies 16
4. Miscellaneous Services 23
Total 101 32
Cumulative total up to 31st Dec, 1943 £133m.
(iii) Shipping Services Up to 30th Sept. Oct.-Dec. Qtr. 1943.
Freight Services 46
Disbursements and bunkers 10
Total 56 14
Cumulative total up to 31st Dec, 1943 £70m.

The figures above have been furnished to the United States authorities in connection with the Congressional hearings now in progress on the extension of the Lend-Lease Act.

The totals quoted are rough estimates and may be subject to amendment when more detailed information is received as to the last quarter of 1943. The tentative totals for that quarter however indicate that apart from the very substantial programme of capital installations, which was of course approaching completion, we were transferring goods and services (including shipping services) at the rate of about £184 million a year as compared with £124 million a year during the period covered by the Report. The greater part of the value of the aid afforded by His Majesty's Government to the United States in overseas countries has not been included, nor the value of raw materials and bulk foodstuffs, sent to the United States under reciprocal aid, since the relative figures are not yet available. The present figures do not therefore fully state our total aid to the United States. Statistics on our aid to Russia and European Allies have not yet been completed. Available figures indicate that the total value of our supplies to Russia up to 30th September, 1943, amounted to £200 million.