HC Deb 29 June 1944 vol 401 cc812-4W
Sir R. Gower

asked the Prime Minister whether he will authorise the publication of an up-to-date White Paper, on the lines of Command Paper 6255, setting out the Members of both Houses of Parliament serving in His Majesty's Forces other than the H.G. or assisting His Majesty's Government in a civil capacity.

Mr. Assheton

I have been asked to reply. A list of Members of the House of Commons serving in H.M. Forces (other than the Home Guard) is given below. It is up-to-date so far as practicable, but the Service Departments are unable to vouch for its completeness and absolute accuracy. In addition, a list was circulated by the Deputy Prime Minister on the 17th February last [Official Report, Volume 397, No. 32, Columns 340–344], which is still up-to-date, of Members in respect of whom a certificate has been issued and is in force under the House of Commons Disqualification (Temporary Provisions) Act 1941. It would, however, take much time and labour to revise, for both Houses of Parliament, all the particulars contained in Part II of Cmd. 6255, and I am reluctant to put Departments to such extra work at this juncture.


A. Navy.

  • Commander P. G. Agnew.
  • Lieut.-Commander J. G. Braithwaite.
  • Commander R. A. Brabner.
  • Petty-Officer A. P. Herbert.
  • Admiral Sir William M. James.
  • Lieut.-Commander the Hon. L. W. Joynson-Hicks.
  • Captain A. Marsden.
  • Commander R. M. Prior.
  • Vice-Admiral E. A. Taylor.

B. Army (Other than Home Guard)

  • Major S. V. T. Adams.
  • Major W. J. Anstruther-Gray.
  • Major Sir Adrian Baillie (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Major F. W. Beech.
  • Major R. H. Bernays.
  • Major the Hon. J. S. T. Berry.
  • Major R. F. E. S. Churchill.
  • Colonel Ralph S. Clarke.
  • Lieut.-Colonel Sir Thomas Cook (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Captain H. B. Trevor Cox.
  • Captain J. F. Crowder (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Major S. Wingfield Digby.
  • Lieut.-Colonel A. V. G. Dower.
  • Captain J. A. L. Duncan.
  • Captain Sir G. S. Elliston.
  • Lieut.-Colonel L. H. Gluckstein.
  • Captain G. C. Grey.
  • N. J. Hulbert, Esq. (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Major E. M. Keatinge.
  • Captain H. C. Longhurst.
  • Major Sir Jocelyn Lucas (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Colonel A. M. Lyons.
  • Brigadier F. H. R. Maclean.
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. R. J. Macnamara.
  • Major S. F. Markham.
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. Mayhew (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Colonel Frank Medlicott.
  • Colonel H. P. Mitchell (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Major J. G. Morrison.
  • Captain C. E. Mott-Radclyffe.
  • G. Muff, Esq. (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Major Basil Nield.
  • Lieutenant G. E. H. Palmer.
  • Captain C. C. Poole.
  • Lieut.-Colonel Sir Assheton Pownall (Welfare Officer, unpaid).
  • Colonel J. D. Profumo.
  • Colonel R. H. Rayner.
  • Colonel L. Ropner.
  • Major Sir Ronald Ross.
  • Captain Lord William Scott.
  • Major H. G. Studholme.
  • Colonel Viscount Suirdale.
  • Lieut.-Colonel C. N. Thornton-Kemsley.
  • Major Lord Willoughby de Eresby.
  • Major A. R. Wise.
  • Captain the Hon. C. I. C. Wood.

C. Air Force.

  • Flight-Lieutenant C. Challen.
  • Squadron-Leader E. Errington.
  • 814
  • Flight-Lieutenant (Acting Squadron-Leader) Sir Gifford Fox.
  • Flying-Officer the Hon. T. Grimston.
  • Wing-Commander (Acting Group-Captain) T. L. E. B. Guinness.
  • Flight-Lieutenant (Acting Wing-Commander) J. R. Robinson.
  • Flight-Lieutenant L. W. B. Teeling.
  • Wing-Commander (Acting Group-Captain) J. A. C. Wright.