HC Deb 12 December 1944 vol 406 cc1068-9W
Mr. Lindsay

asked the Minister of Education what is the total expenditure for the last year by his Ministry on youth service; what is the total expenditure by local education authorities; and how many organisers are wholly or partly financed by such authorities.

Mr. Butler

The expenditure of my Department in the financial year 1943–44 on grants under the Social and Physical Training Grant Regulations to voluntary organisations engaged in youth service work was £272,530. Figures showing the actual expenditure by local education authorities on the youth service are not available. In 1943–44 the programmes and estimates submitted by 143 out of 146 higher education authorities provided for a total expenditure of £720,946 on the maintenance and development of the youth service, whilst the corresponding figure for 1944–45, based on the returns so far received from 128 authorities, is £847,192. The approved net expenditure of local education authorities on this service is recognised for grant under the Higher Education Grant Regulations. The number of youth service organisers, full-time and part-time employed by higher education authorities is now about 225. Information as to the number of organisers employed by voluntary organisations with the aid of grant from local education authorities is not available.

Mr. Lindsay

asked the Minister of Education what voluntary societies are assisted by his Ministry in respect of youth service; and what are the annual grants to each body.

Mr. Butler

In 1944–45 the Ministry has allocated to the national voluntary organisations named below grants under the Social and Physical Training Grant Regulations of the amounts stated. The amount of each grant is determined year by year in the light of the considerations mentioned in Article 3 of the Regulations, namely, the character, efficiency, volume and cost of the work, and the aggregate sums available to the Ministry for grants under the Regulations.

Voluntary Organisation 1944–45
Central Council of Physical Recreation 43,000
Church Lads' Brigade 1,050
Girls' Friendly Society 1,750
Girl Guides' Association 3,500
Girls Guildry 775
Girls Life Brigade 800
National Association of Girls' Clubs and Mixed Clubs 16,000
Boy Scouts' Association 5,000
National Association of Boys' Clubs 16,500
Young Men's Christian Association 6,500
Young Women's Christian Association 6,000
National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs 16,000
Youth Hostels Association 350
Association of Jewish Youth 150
Youth Committee of the Commission of the Churches 650
Co-operative Union Youth Department 800
National Association of Training Corps for Girls 25,000
Youth Service Volunteers 900
St. John Ambulance Brigade Cadets 350
Welsh League of Youth 2,750

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