HC Deb 03 August 1944 vol 402 cc1638-9W
Sir A. Southby

asked the Minister of Food whether he is yet in a position to make a statement regarding the proposed contract with the Government of New Zealand for meat and dairy produce.

Colonel Llewellin

Agreement has been reached between the Governments of the United Kingdom and New Zealand for the sale to the United Kingdom of the total exportable surplus of New Zealand butter, cheese beef, veal, mutton and lamb for the next four years. In addition, the United Kingdom will purchase the exportable surplus of pig meat up to the end of June, 1946, and thereafter such quantities as may be agreed.

The prices have been agreed for the first two years. Prices, as well as other provisions of the agreement, are subject to review in respect of the third and fourth years on the grounds of substantial changes in conditions. Sales will continue to be on an f.o.b. basis, the United Kingdom Government being responsible for freight. Arrangements are included by which the United Kingdom Government will make advances in respect of produce which owing to unforeseen shipping difficulties may be left in store for an unduly long period.

Commodity Group 1938 1940 1941 1942 1943
£ millions
1. Household Expenditure
Bread and cereals, etc. 165 220 244 246 225
Meat, bacon, etc. 275 256 241 275 273
Fish, fresh and canned 43 39 46 36 35
Oils and Fats 98 65 59 57 57
Sugar, preserves and confectionery 108 128 112 110 105
Dairy products 189 183 194 213 203
Fruit, fresh, canned and dried 79 62 32 41 35
Potatoes and vegetables 84 85 119 125 126
Beverages 54 52 51 50 46
Other manufactured foods 33 57 51 44 37
Total 1,128 1,147 1,149 1,197 1,142
2. Personal expenditure on food other than household expenditure 70 88 111 123 122
TOTALS, as in Cmd. 6520 1,198 1,235 1,260 1,320 1,264

NOTE.—1. These estimates have been prepared for the purposes of the White Paper. It should be noted that household expenditure is based on retail prices, whereas non-household expenditure is based on the prices at which food is purchased by canteens, restaurants and hotels (See note (1), page 6, of Cmd. 6520).

2. The pre-war and early war year estimates are not so reliable as those for later years because many of the present statistical series were not available then.

3. In all years the estimate for fruit and vegetables is based on scanty data.