HC Deb 09 November 1943 vol 393 cc1100-1W
Mr. Hogg

asked the Secretary of State for War whether his attention has been called to the case of Captain D. C. Ling, M.C., wounded in the Western Desert, from whom a refund of £185 was claimed which had been overpaid to him through a mistake of his Department; and what action he proposes to take in this matter?

Sir J. Grigg

Yes, Sir. This officer was wounded whilst holding the temporary rank of major. Temporary rank is given to an officer whilst performing the duties of a rank higher than his substantive or war substantive rank and is relinquished when the appointment is vacated and the duties thus cease to be performed. Wounded officers are, as a concession, permitted to retain temporary rank for three mouths from the date of being wounded. Captain Ling should have relinquished the temporary rank of major three months after being wounded, but owing to an oversight the command overseas failed to notify the relinquishment of the rank and this was delayed for 10 months, thus causing the overissue in question. The position thus is that Captain Ling has received money from the State to which he is not entitled. He has hitherto refused to repay though he has put forward no claim of hardship.