HC Deb 22 June 1943 vol 390 cc1030-2W
Mr. Mander

asked the Minister of Information the approximate number of papers and periodicals still published by foreign interests in this country without any assistance from the British Government and the names where these are known; and whether he will consider the advisability, where such secretly printed papers continue to conduct propaganda hostile to the Soviet Union and the cause of the United Nations, of taking drastic action against the persons responsible?

Mr. Thurtle

I am aware of 94 papers and periodicals which have been, and so far as I know still are, published by foreign interests in this country without receiving assistance from the Ministry of Information or other Government Departments for obtaining special supplies of paper. I append a list. With regard to the second part of the Question my right hon. Friend hopes to make a statement in reply to the Question which my hon. Friend has put down for answer tomorrow?

Following is the list:

Austrian (7).

  • Austrian News.
  • Frau in Arbeit.
  • Jugend Voran.
  • Junges Oesterreich.
  • London Information.
  • Young Austria.
  • Zeitspiegel.

Belgian (2).

  • Anglo-Belgian Trade Journal.
  • Bulletin de 1'Association des Etudiants Belges en G.B.

Chinese (2).

  • China News Weekly.
  • Kang Chan Chow Pao.

Czech (15).

  • Bulletin Ceskoslovenske Hospodarske Poradne v Londyne. (Czech Economic Advisory Committee.)
  • Czech Labour Bulletin.
  • Czech News and Features Press Service.
  • Czech Newsletter.
  • Ceskoslovensky Studijni Ustav: Hospodarske Zaznamy.
  • Ceskoslovensky Studijni Ustav: Politicky Zapisnik.
  • Denni Zpravy.
  • Listy Pratelum.
  • Poupe.
  • Spirit of Czechoslovakia.
  • Uredni List Ceskoslovenske Republiky.
  • Vojenske Rozhledy.
  • Zidovsky Bulletin.
  • Zpravy Statni Rady.
  • Zpravodaj Telocvicne Jednoty "Sokol."

Dutch (5).

  • Anep-Aneta.
  • Netherlands News Digest.
  • Roerganger.
  • De Staatsblad.
  • De Staatscourant.


  • Alliance FranÇaise.
  • Des Deux Côtés du Detroit.
  • La France.
  • Service de Presse et d'Information.

German (11).

  • Europaischer Brief.
  • Freie Deutsche Jugend.
  • Freie Deutsche Kultur.
  • Informations Brief.
  • Kameradschaft.
  • Landesgruppe Deutscher Gewerkschaft in G.B.
  • Newsletter (German Social Democratic Party).
  • Sonderinformationen Deutscher Jugend.
  • Sozial Demokrat.
  • Sozialistische Mitteilungen.
  • Das Wahre Deutschland.

Greek (2).

  • Ephemeris Tis Kyverniseos.
  • Vema.

Hungarian (1).


Italian (1).

Lettera Italiana.

Latvian (1).

Londonas Avize.

Lithuanian (1).

Iseivia Draugas.

Luxembourg (1).


Norwegian (2).

  • Maaneds Bladet.
  • Norwegian Press Bulletin.

Polish (24).

  • Alarm.
  • Biuletyn Narodowy.
  • Co Slychac.
  • Dziennik Ustaw Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej.
  • Fakty i Dokumenty Chwili.
  • Listy z Londynu.
  • Listy Wolynskie.
  • Nowa Kronika Polska.
  • Polish News and Facts.
  • Polish Jewish News Bulletin.
  • Prawda.
  • Przeglad Literatury Politycznej.
  • Review of the Polish Press.
  • The Right Review.
  • Science and Learning.
  • Sprawy Slaska Cicszynskiego.
  • Swiatpol.
  • Teachers' Review.
  • Voice of Poland.
  • Walka.
  • Wiadomosci Polskiej Misji Katolickiej w Londynie.
  • Wiadomosci Wydawnicze.

Roumanian (1).

Free Roumanian News Agency Bulletin.

Spanish (13).

  • Accion Republicana Espanola.
  • Amistad.
  • Boletin del U.G.T.
  • Catalunya.
  • Cronica Obrera (C.N.T.).
  • Documentas Politicos.
  • Espanoles.
  • Guernika.
  • Hojas Republicanas.
  • Juventud Espanola.
  • Llar Catala.
  • Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol.
  • Republica.

Swiss (1).

Le Messager d'Endell Street.