HC Deb 29 January 1942 vol 377 cc934-6W
Mr. Mathers

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the number of deer forests in each county surveyed by the Land Court on his remit to them; what were the total numbers of sheep and cattle, respectively, recommended by the Land Court as capable of being carried under war-time conditions on these respective deer forests; what steps have been taken to have these recommendations carried out; and with what results?

Mr. Johnston

The following table gives the figures asked for:

County. Number of Deer Forests surveyed by Scottish Land Court. Sheep. Cattle.
Permanent. Summer only. Permanent. Summer only.
Existing stock. Possible increase. Existing stock. Possible increase. Existing stock. Possible increase. Existing stock. Possible increase.
Caithness 3 1,300 950 600 950 54
Sutherland 14 9,104 5,600 8,539 8,700 203 60 760
Ross and Cromarty 32 16,366 10,800 4,621 14,800 505 80 460 405
Inverness 12 20,550 9,000 461 195 57 145
Argyll 13 5,003 10,210 1,900 401 200 52 460
Totals 74 52,323 36,560 13,760 26,350 1,570 475 683 1,770
TOTAL, 88,883 TOTAL, 40,110 TOTAL, 2,045 TOTAL, 2,453
With regard to the last part of the Question the Agricultural Executive Committees concerned have endeavoured, by getting into touch with the forest proprietors and by advertisement of the grazings available, to secure fuller utilisation of the forests. Progress has however been limited by the scarcity of suitable stock. The severe weather in the early part of 1941 seriously affected the numbers of hill sheep in the north-west, and in the summer suitable cattle were very scarce. The returns made at 4th June, 1941, show that on all the deer forests in the counties included in the above table there had been an increase of some 7,300 sheep as compared with the previous year and a small increase in cattle.

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