HC Deb 20 January 1942 vol 377 cc239-40W
Mr. Leslie

asked the Secretary of State for War what the present billeting allowances for soldiers are, the menu for each meal, and the cash allowance for the same?

Captain Margesson

As regards billeting rates I would refer my hon. Friend to the answer given to my hon. Friend the Member for East Rhondda (Mr. Mainwaring) on the 19th November, 1941. The billetor is required under the Army Act to provide soldiers with breakfast, hot dinner, tea and supper on each day, such meals to consist of or to be substantially equivalent to the following quantities of food and drink for each soldier:—

  1. (a) for breakfast, five ounces of bread, one ounce of butter, one pint of tea with milk and sugar, four ounces of bacon, one ounce of marmalade;
  2. (b) For hot dinner, ten ounces of meat, three ounces of bread, ten ounces of potatoes, eight ounces of other vegetables, four ounces of pudding;
  3. (c) For tea, four ounces of bread, half an ounce of margarine, one pint of tea with milk and sugar, two ounces of jam;
  4. (d) For supper, three ounces of bread, one pint of tea with milk and sugar, four ounces of meat.

In practice, the quantities of nationally rationed articles of food (e.g., meat, bacon) supplied will be limited to those allowed by the soldier's ration card, and the balance necessary to give a reasonable standard of feeding may be made up by other foodstuffs. Similarly, suitable substitutes may be provided for any other items of the scale which may be unobtainable or prohibitive in price.