HC Deb 01 October 1941 vol 374 cc603-4W
Mr. T. Smith

asked the Secretary for Mines the amount of money collected in the Royalty Fund for pit-head baths up to date in South and West Yorkshire, respectively; how much each district has spent upon pit-head baths at present in use; how much has been spent or earmarked for pit-head baths actually in course of erection; and what is the remaining balance in hand in each district?

Mr. Grenfell

The Mining Industry Act (1926), which instituted the Royalties Welfare Levy and directed that the proceeds should be appropriated for providing pithead baths, included a provision that no part of the proceeds should be required to be allocated to any particular district. As an administrative measure for the equitable distribution of expenditure, however, the Miners Welfare Commission has so far followed the practice of apportioning the proceeds of the respective coal districts according to output. On this basis the figures asked for are as follows up to 31st July last, the latest date for which the amount of the proceeds is available: —

South Yorkshire. West Yorkshire.
£ £
(a) Estimated proportion of the proceeds of the Royalties Welfare Levy received to the 31st July, 1941 866,500 327,000
(b) Sums expended or earmarked for expenditure on pithead baths which had been completed or were under construction at 31st July, 1941 777,500 313,000
(c) Balance of (a) over (b) 89,000 14,000
As the construction of certain baths has been interrupted owing to building restrictions, it is possible to reduce the sums earmarked under (b) by £18,500 in the case of South Yorkshire, and by £15,000 in the case of West Yorkshire, increasing the figures under (c) to £107,500 and £29,000 respectively.