HC Deb 08 May 1941 vol 371 cc987-9W
Mr. McGovern

asked the Home Secretary what is the decision of the Advisory Committee in the case of Frederick Bowman, No. 4762, who is in Brixton Prison under Regulation 18B; the reason for refusing him permission to see his mother who was dying, and only telling him of her death four days after the event; and whether he is prepared to release this man who is willing to give assurances of his intention to refrain from any illegal activities?

Mr. H. Morrison

It would not be in accordance with practice for me to disclose the nature of the Advisory Committee's report to me in the case of any person detained under Regulation 18b. After considering the Committee's report and all the circumstances of the case I decided that the order for detention must be maintained. I did not feel justified, after making inquiries, in acceding to this man's request to be allowed to visit his mother, who was not then on the danger list. The information as to her death was sent at once by the police to the commandant of the camp where Bowman was then confined and communicated to him as soon as possible after its receipt. I regret that I am not prepared to authorise the release of this detainee.

Mr. Hammersley

asked the Home Secretary what steps can be taken by citizens of friendly countries detained under a deportation order to ensure an independent investigation of their alleged offence?

Mr. Morrison

I presume my hon. Friend is referring to cases of persons detained under Article 12 (5A) of the Aliens Order. I have appointed a committee to consider the cases of persons so detained and that committee has practically completed the review of all the cases referred to it.

Mr. Boothby

asked the Home Secretary whether, in cases where British citizens or friendly and neutral aliens are detained on grounds specific to the individual, these grounds will now be stated, so that when the individuals concerned come before the Advisory Committee they may know with what they are charged and have an opportunity of answering it?

Mr. Morrison

Aliens detained under Article 12 (5A) of the Aliens Order have an opportunity of appearing before an Advisory Committee appointed by me for the purpose of considering the cases of persons so detained unless the Committee decide that they can recommend release without seeing the individual. They are then afforded an opportunity of answering any allegations made against them and of explaining their activities. As regards British subjects detained under Defence Regulation 18B, paragraph 5 of that Regulation provides that every person so detained; who desires to make objections to the Advisory Committee appointed for the purpose, shall be informed of the grounds on which his detention has been ordered and shall be furnished with such particulars as are in the opinion of the chairman of the committee sufficient to enable him to present his case.