HC Deb 29 July 1941 vol 373 cc1265-6W
Mr. Thorne

asked the Minister of Health how many people came under the health insurance system in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the year ending 1940, giving separate figures for men and women; how many rank as deposit contributors; the total income paid out in benefits; the accumulated funds; the amount invested by or on behalf of the approved societies; the expenditure on sickness and disablement benefit, giving separate figures in weeks and separate figures for men and women; expenditure on additional benefits in cash and other benefits; the amount standing to the credit of societies at the last valuation; the total number of societies or branches; how many societies had deficiencies, and their membership; and how the deficiencies were made good?

Miss Horsbrugh

The figures given below are in respect of Great Britain as it is not possible in the time available to include those for Northern Ireland. At 31st December, 1939 (the latest date for which such information can be given), the number of insured persons was as follows:—

Men and boys—14,204,000, including 141,000 deposit contributors.

women and girls—7,243,000, including 155,000 deposit contributors.

The total sum paid out in benefits in the year ended 31st December, 1940, was £34,197,000, the accumulated funds at the 31st December, 1940, amounted to £146,799,000, and the amounted invested by or on behalf of Approved Societies to £61,224,000. The expenditure in the year ended 31st December, 1940, on sickness, disablement and additional benefits was:—

Men Women Total
£ £ £
Sickness benefit 8,114,000 4,024,000 12,138,000
Disablement benefit. 3,781,000 2,029,000 5,810,000
Additional benefits
Cash 1,479,000 304,000 1,783,000
Non-cash 2,416,000
(Separate figures in weeks are not available).

As regards the remaining parts of the Question, the fifth valuations of the approved societies will be completed during the coming autumn, and it is expected that a short report by the Government Actuary, incorporating some statistics of the results, will be available early next year.