HC Deb 07 August 1941 vol 373 cc2109-11W
Mr. McGovern

asked the Home Secretary the reason for the arrest of Mr. Cahir Healy; whether he is to be charged with an offence, or, if not, when his case will come before the Advisory Committee; where he is at present interned; how many hours per day he is confined to a cell; and the number of letters and visitors permitted per week?

Mr. H. Morrison

Mr. Healy is detained in pursuance of an Order which I made under Defence Regulation 18b on the ground that he has been recently concerned in the preparation or instigation of acts prejudicial to the public safety or the Defence of the Realm and that by reason thereof it is necessary to exercise control over him. It is not proposed to institute criminal proceedings against him. As I have explained on previous ocasions, action under this Regulation is preventive in character and does not imply that the person detained has committed an offence against the criminal law in respect of which proceedings can be taken. Mr. Healy has not made objections against the Order to the Advisory Committee; but if he chooses to take advantage of the procedure laid down in the Regulation his case will be heard by the Committee without delay. He is at present detained in Brixton Prison and is allowed association with other detainees throughout the whole of the day. Persons detained in prison under the Regulation are allowed two letters and one visit' per week, but additional letters and visits may be permitted in the discretion of the Prison Governor.

Mr. McGovern

asked the Home Secretary the date upon which Mr. Matthew Hamilton was arrested; the reason for his arrest; whether he has been, or will be, charged with an offence; whether his case has been heard by the Advisory Committee and, if so, what was the decision; whether the right hon. Gentleman is aware that this case is causing alarm in Scotland; and will he release this man from the Isle of Man camp forthwith?

Mr. Morrison

Mr. Hamilton was arrested on 5th June, 1940, in pursuance of an order for his detention under Defence Regulation 18b made on the ground that the Secretary of State had reasonable cause to believe him to be a person who had recently been concerned in acts prejudicial to the public safety or-the defence of the realm and that, by reason thereof, it was necessary to exercise control over him. His case has been heard by the Scottish Advisory Committee and after considering all the circumstances including the committee's report I decided that it was necessary to maintain his detention. I regret that I am still not prepared to authorise his release. Any question as to criminal proceedings should be addressed to the Lord Advocate.

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