HC Deb 21 March 1940 vol 358 cc2160-1W
Mr. Lyons

asked the Minister of Information whether he will publish a list showing what, at the present time, are the provincial offices of his Department; the number of persons employed in each such office; the names, salaries, and prior occupations of each person there employed, excluding clerical and messenger staff, respectively; how many were appointed through public advertisement or the central registry of the Ministry of Labour, respectively; and showing, in all

Region. Post. Name. Prior Occupation.
Newcastle-on-Tyne Regional Information Officer Dr. A. E Morgan District Commissioner for the Special Areas.
Press and Publicity Officer W. G. Mitchell Journalist.
Committee Officer A. R. M. Murray Regional Organiser, League of Nations Union.
North Eastern.
Leeds Regional Information Officer R. K. Bacon Journalist.
Press and Publicity Officer J. J. Eaton Journalist.
North Midland
Nottingham Regional Information Officer J. L. Nicol Civil Servant.
Press and Publicity Officer P. G. Whatnall Journalist.
Cambridge Regional Information Officer R. F. Winfrey Barrister and Newspaper Director.
Press and Publicity Officer P. L. K. Schwabe Journalist.
Reading Regional Information Officer Sir Arthur Willert Journalist.
Formerly head of the News Department, Foreign Office.
Press and Publicity Officer P. T. Ede Journalist.
Committee Officer L. D. Cammons Transferred from H.Q. Staff of Ministry.
South Western.
Bristol Regional Information Officer J. L. Palmer Journalist.
Press and Publicity Officer N. M. Palmer Journalist.
Committee Officer I. H. B. Popham Regional Organiser, League of Nations Union.
Cardiff Regional Information Officer Caleb Rees Civil Servant.
Press and Publicity Officer W. Eames Journalist.
Birmingham Regional Information Officer D Morris British Broadcasting Corporation.
Press and Publicity Officer F. G. Humphrey Journalist.
North Western.
Manchester Regional Information Officer J. R. Scott Newspaper Manager.
Committee Officer G. G. Walters Political Organiser.
South Eastern.
Tunbridge Wells Regional Information Officer H. S. Banner General Secretary, Rotary International.
Press and Publicity Officer F. W. B. Cornwell Journalist.
Committee Officer H. Wheeler Journalist.
The salaries of Regional Information Officers range from £800–£1,000 per annum except that of Mr. Scott which is, at his own wish restricted to £400per annum. The range of salary of Committee Officers and Press and Publicity Officers is from £400 to 500 per annum.
Regional Information Officers have been appointed by the Ministry in consultation with Regional Commissioners, Government Departments and other interests concerned. Of the occupants of the remaining posts, four were appointed by the Ministry of Information, without public advertisement or reference to the Central Register, in conditions of great urgency immediately after the outbreak of war. The remainder were appointed through the Central Register, except one who was transferred from the headquarters staff of the Ministry to a Regional Office, and one candidate not on the Register who was appointed as a matter of urgency after being considered in competition with candidates from the Register.

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