HC Deb 18 January 1940 vol 356 c253W
Mr. Noel-Baker

asked the Minister of Supply what orders for armament requirements he has placed with the engineering works of the London Midland and Scottish Railway Company?

Persons condemned to death in England and Wales for murder during 1939.
Name. Age. Reprieved or Executed. Date of Execution. Place of Execution.
Daymond, John 19 Executed 8th February Durham.
Bond, Leonard A. J. 23 Reprieved.
Butler, William T. 29 Executed 29th March Wandsworth.
Gascoigne, George W. 41 Reprieved.
Kennedy, James 32 Certified insane.
Armstrong, Harry 37 Executed 21st March Wandsworth.
McAulcy, Margaret L. 37 Reprieved
Mahoncy, Arthur J. 24 Certified insane.
Pope, Edward W. 46 Reprieved.
Smith, Ralph 40 Executed 7th June Gloucester.
Gamble, Harry H. 44 Reprieved.
Illingworth, Albert 24 Reprieved.
Smith, Arthur J. 26 Executed 26th October Wandsworth.
Boon, Stanley E. 28 Executed 25th October Wandsworth.
Hucker, Leonard G. 30 Executed 10th October Wandsworth.
Cousins, William H. 45 Certified insane.
Wilshere, Eric R. 19 Reprieved.
Smith, Raymond 34 Reprieved.
O'Brien, Terence 28 Reprieved.
Watts, Winifred M. 19 Reprieved.
Cossey, Thomas A. 42 Reprieved.
Dillon, Ronald 18 Sentence quashed on appeal, and verdict of "Guilty but insane" substituted.
Johnson, Hilda 25 Reprieved.
Richards, James 29 Appeal still pending.
Barnes, Peter 32 Appeal still pending.
Of the 12 persons reprieved on grounds other than insanity 10 had been recommended to mercy by the jury.

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