HC Deb 16 January 1940 vol 356 cc28-30W
Captain Plugge

asked the Secretary of State for War how many unmarried wives have hitherto received marriage allowances?

Mr. Stanley

It is impossible to give the information desired without reexamining some scores of thousands of claims, a task which would seriously impede the normal work of the pay offices.

Mr. Ridley

asked the Secretary of State for War what allowance is payable to a wife, separated from her husband, who has since enlisted and against whom there is a court order for maintenance?

Mr. Stanley

In such circumstances, the soldier concerned is subject to a compulsory stoppage from his pay in respect of the court order as provided in Section 145 (2) of the Army Act; no allowance from Service funds is payable under the normal regulations, but, where the amount which can be stopped under the foregoing provisions from the pay of a man who has been called up for service in connection with the war falls appreciably short of that which he was previously contributing for the maintenance of his wife, special assistance can be given to her by the Ministry of Pensions if this course is recommended by the War Service Grants Advisory Committee.